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  1. by   purplecotton
    To jon 29- keep up the good work!! At least you have tested your devotion to nursing and this will see you through the high and low points of your nursing career. Many may get into the profession but eventually the "genuine ones" remain. Curious though, how are you coping with living expenses, etc.? As for the resume bit, surely you can put down the skills you acquired while you worked for that hospital. That should account for something...although, i am suprised because there are many hospitals and clinics that are open to nurses (even the new ones) even if the pay is pathetic. But getting a job here shouldn't be a problem. About the resume, I encountered a similar problem while revising mine because i was employed by a hospital and then had to stop to care for my mother with leukemia. I couldn't use the title of PDN because i wasn't "formally" employed as one even though i pereformed the bulk of the nursing duties- blood transfusions on an outpatient basis and not in the main hospital where she did her induction and consolidation, selected chemo. (depending on the policies of the hospital) and i had special arrangements with the hospitals, doctors, etc. So, it was safe for me to do these things..and my mom was a doctor. I just noted down those skills i utilized under "additional experience". I learned that i couldn't use it as "clinical experience" in itself though.

    I know the training here is very different from the training in the US (or other country for that matter) and we have to pretty much start from scratch (yeah, our certificates for BLS, IV therapy, etc. won't be useful to us when we get there) but what we working RNs do here in the meantime is still a meaningful experience! Kudos to you and people like you!!
  2. by   ibinezz
    truth of the matter is our home land, sad as it may be, is NOT a place where you can grow professionally. its not just about what you earn here that's a problem. there is no avenue for progress. the government has forgotten about the people a long long time ago. basically, and i truly believe it, that MOST of the people have seen politics as an extension of their BUSINESS enterprise. its all about money and power for them.

    very sad considering that there's a lot of potential for the people. filipinos aren't dumb. they were simply "dumb downed" by the government. through the years, filipinos got complacent.

    so sad really.
  3. by   share1507
    when we talk about the salary of nurses here all we get is disappointment, you've been paid as low as a janitor's salary yet your overworked and sometimes you'll be the one to absorb the anger of your superior..... as well as the patients and their relatives. it is so frustrating and devastating and depressing......
  4. by   ryerye
    ...then lets all get out of this messed country :nclr:

    we are always overworkedumpiron:

    and overstressed:flmngmd:... yet underpaid
  5. by   potatomasher
    I second to this...

    I too have entered a Post Graduate Practicum for Nurses in a local government hospital and we were made to pay a BIG amount for that! Plus the numerous miscellaneous fees for contributions for ID's, case studies etc...It makes my heart bleed that we have to pay the hospital for giving our service to them!

    But it's a very rewarding experience...I've learned a lot from my ongoing training there. They have very approachable staff and a nursing administration that really sees to it that we make use and maximized every learning experience we have. :-)

    I love it!