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  1. I am a chinese nurse preparing for my study and work in Australia.For that,I've taken IELTS and TOEFL .Now I am applying for Permanemt residential of Australia with my husband.How about you if you are a overseas nurse who want to go to Australia? :roll
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  3. by   jayna
    If you want PR in Australian, ask the immigration officials. The NZ and Australian are toughing up their immigration laws and good on them, because mind you guys (aus/nz ) you will soon lose your national faces.
    This is not right to say but its reality and scary when you look at it closely.
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  4. by   gwenith
    Jayna we are not so much losing our national faces but changing them. We seem to be growing stronger from immigration but we do have to be careful as we can end up with enclaves of different nationalities. Mind you we have been through so many waves of immigration that we have watched the froming of ethnic groups and the dissolivng of those same groups 1 - 2 generations later.

    We are changing. Our national diet is no longer "Meat and three veg" it is now, as near as I can work it out "anything that won't crawl off of the plate"

    It is disconcerting to see someone who looks Korean open thier mouth and a broad Australian accent emerges! It is just that we still are not used to it but we are becoming more and more used to people of all nationalities being also Australian and somehow those who have been born here no matter where thier parents came from somehow they seem to carry a little something that says "made in Australia".
  5. by   jayna
    Oh thats good to hear gwenth. Its funny how I see it from a different perspective. Its a bit tricky.
    But even though that, youre the nationals and I respect the point.
  6. by   gwenith
    I like to think we have come a long, long way since teh "white Australia" policy and the goverement approved racism that existed in the fifties.

    It rears its ugly head every so often but it does not seem to last long.
  7. by   BeverLIE
    hi rarry,

    i'm from the philippines and wanting to get settled in oz. i had a wonderful holiday there last year and just fell in love with the country.

    i already took the ielts and got an Aceptance Letter from the University. i am expected to be in Melb in september

    i wish you all the best in your pursuits:kiss

  8. by   rarry
    Hi,Beverlie.You came to the right place .I got so many helps from Gwenith and other friends here and also enjoyed myself here.
    Wish you success!
  9. by   mdfog10

    Hi ya,
    just a yank here, have been to australia once and loved it (of course). In some ways I think our countries are similar.We started out attacking (in one way or another) the natives (aboriginals and native american indians), had a majority of white residents and now have immigrants from all over. In the USA some people still assume that if you are not white -that you are new to this country. Well I have met many non white that have been in the USA longer than my family ( two generations on my dad's side and 3-4 on my mom's). Both Australia and the US (except from the natives ) are countries that we "escaped to" and in principle are supposed to respect and welcome all......
    all in all I love the " Australian spirit"-----and you had patient ratios before my beloved (progressive??????) California!!

    Love ya Australia
  10. by   gwenith
    We sure did! have patient/nurse dependencies before California!

    We do have a lot in common and I am learning that we have a few dissimilarities as well. I think we can learn from each other and all end up better for it.
  11. by   sherry worman
    I give you credit for making this move, I would love to but not that brave. What area of nursing are you in? Have you been a nurse a long time. Are you going to be working in a Hospital. I know very little about their health care system there. Tell me more.
  12. by   Farkinott
    Good luck to you Rarry,
    Aussies are not as formal as you may be accustomed to in China. We tend to be a classless society with a culture that tends to be accepting a forgiving of others' ignorance of our culture. If you read some of the previous posts you will see that some are concerned about and others wlcome racial diversityin this great nationof ours. The main thing is to remember that you can hang on to strong national, cultural and familial ties with your Mother country but when you are here we want you to be Australian first! This is a great land with a lot to offer and you are very welcolme here. good luck again!
  13. by   sum
    The only issue I have when I get or if i do get accepted for permanant residency in oz is the grading system. I heard that coming from any country into oz lowers your grade.Coming from the uk, I am a nurse manager, and even though I have my grade here, which is a G grade, I am frightened I will get it in oz, is that true? I've worked very hard for it, but yet I've also loved oz when we arrived for our honeymoon and travelled along the south coast.
  14. by   joannep
    Nurse managers here are not able to work pm's, weekends and public holidays and therefore do not qualify for penalties and earn less than associate nurse unit managers and even clinical nurse specialists. I decided long ago to stay away from being a nurse manager, the pay is not there.