OT rant about ITV

  1. I didn't want to put this in the OT section, but I HAD to rant somewhere, For ages, I have really wanted to see the triology of starwars again, I have only seen them once, and it was when I was babysitting so I missed huge chunks of the movies, and now ITV just to spite me has put them on Saturday for the next three weeks.

    My lovely new p/t job has me working lates for the next three weeks, I know there is some one sitting in YTV offices sat laughing at me!!

    Plus my old job is saying I didn't hand my notice in, which means I have to work my hours at both my old job, my new job and get my placement hours and do all my work for uni, so If I am not on these boards for a while I have either gone into hiding with overload, swamped with work, or gone on a onewoman mision to 'talk' to the head of programmes at the ITV.

    I'll show them the dark side of the force
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  3. by   karenG
    why dont you just buy the videos????????????? much easier!

  4. by   Spaniel gal
    videos would be good, but im guessing lack of funds is a problem! (being a student)

    i've been getting my paypacket for six months and still think im rich!!!!

    well rich in a modest way im sure the in a few months i wont think so
  5. by   Spaniel gal
    forgot to add Whisper did you PM me and i didnt reply i got confused and couldnt open two messages. how do i start a pm????

  6. by   karenG
    to start a pm just click on the box at the bottom of the post. its says pm! that should do it!


    maybe I should just send whisper the videos..............I have 3 sets............guess whos a big star wars fan!!
  7. by   Whisper
    I would loev to buy the videos, I kow you can get them form Amazon, but they are about 30 quid, but in about 3 weeks I'll be paying two semesters worth of rent at the same time,

    I'll put the videos on my, things to buy when/if I qualify list!

    The video shop doesn't even have the films to rent let alone buy;(
    I wouldn't even have this problem if I could:
    A) figure out how to tune my video into my Tv
    B) Programme it to record them

    I am seriously considering going home this afternoon (lecture cancelled), to get the instruction book, and to steal, I mean borrow some blank tapes. I didn't think of this yesterday becasue I was so annoyed, plus I'll be able to get my tunic repaired, I had to cut myself out the other day.... but that is another long story!


    P.s. Spaniel gal, I did get two Pm's from you, although one was just my origional message sent back, You are doing way better than me, I had been on this board about a year before I even realised there was Private messages!
  8. by   karenG
    ok gotta ask..............why did you have to cut yourself out of your uniform???

  9. by   lisamct
    Whisper, I'd quite happily send you my b'friends copies of the videos but I dont think he'd be too happy. You can always come here and watch them, he'd be glad to talk to someone who appreciated them (unlike me) might be kinda far for you to come though
  10. by   Whisper
    RE: why did I cut my self out of my uniform:

    I was having the worst day ever, and had to go to try on my new hotel uniform on my placement lunch break, so I raced across town, got to work tried on my unifrms and went o put my student unifrm back on in a rush, becasue by now my break is almost over, and my tunic broke!!!

    I pulled the zip up and it and the zip split, So I got about 7 saewingkist for the teen tiny safety pins, and kind of cobbled my tunic together to drive all the way to the other side of town so I could get one of my other tops, ran in to the house, stupid alaram going off meant I had to run downstairs again, but I get to my rom, and I can get my tunic off!!
    The zip would not be poushed back down, I tried wriggling out, but there was too much of me, and not enough of a neck hole, so In the end I resorted to cutting the zip,
    Threw my other top on, and grabbed the vandalised one to go back to placement, and at every set of traffic lights I was taking my stuff out of one tunic pocket and put it into the one I was wearing.

    I can't belive it happened and I was there, must be the only kind of thing that can happen to me!

    P.s i love MY new job!! and my lovely dad taped star wars for me, just go to figure out how to persuade him to do it for the next few weeks!

    P.P.S Because I was able to start my new job this weekend, It measn I don't need the new hotel uniform anymore! I have a nice shiny AN one istead!
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