Old fashioned nursing uniforms

  1. What do you all think of this...........

    The Private hospital I work for is wanting to bring back the white dress and the nursing cap, as they believe that that is the reason that nurses have lost respect in the community.

    I know that we have higher physical and verbal assult statistics than the police force, and visitors treat us like crap, but I do not think the cap is going to change all that much.
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  3. by   hairbear73
    [SIZE=3]:chuckle I agree with you, bringing back the white dress and cap would be silly. To start with the white dress is totally impractible, both in keeping it clean and the fact that its a dress. i know some nurses do wear skirts but most find it easier to work in pants. As for the cap, well anyone who would wear something that looks so rediculous does not deserve respect from the public. we're not nuns we're nurses.
  4. by   bewbew
    I would give anything to be able to wear 'scrubs', as they do in the US. We wear 'corporate' uniforms, honestly, I look ready for a day in the office when I go to work. And I wish the uniforms were'n't made of plastic!
  5. by   hairbear73
    i agree bewbew, scrubs are more appropriate for a hospital and easier to work in. am hoping to one day be able to afford to work in USA then i'll get to wear them too.
  6. by   zdatny
    What about us nurses of the male gender? Won't we look twee in caps and dresses?
  7. by   hairbear73
    oh come on zdatny, if we women are expected to wear white dresses and silly hats and hold our heads up high, so should you guys. i know i'd love to see you guys wearing them if we have to.
  8. by   zdatny
    Does that mean I'll have to shave my legs?
  9. by   Grace Oz
    Yep, shave yer legs AND pluck yer eyebrows!!! LOL
    I prefer to wear slacks to work, those bloody cullottes (? spelling!?)were hopeless when trying to go to the 'toot'. ( for our American pals, a 'toot' is a 'loo' aka toilet!) LOL ....
    I've been 'victim' of the days of dresses & caps!!! NOW! THAT'S giving my age away isn't it? LOL
  10. by   hairbear73
    nah, nothing better to instill the publics confidence in hospital staff than a blood and poo stained white dress, an increadibly silly looking hat and hairy legs. now thats the kind of nurse i'd just love to be administering to me!!!!!:chuckle
  11. by   Aussienurse2
    Originally posted by zdatny
    Does that mean I'll have to shave my legs?
    Nah! You get to WAX baby!! Just like the rest of us

    I remember wearing a SHORT purple and white pinstriped dress when I did my training!!! And I'm NOT that old FYI!! What is wrong with scrubs? I think the theatre nurses like to be the only ones who get to wear them and I say it's time to revolt! I'm going into CSSD ( have I told everyone yet?) just so I get to wear scrubs!
  12. by   Shamrock
    :chuckle :chuckle
  13. by   frannybee
    In Sheffield the CSSD scrubs are a funky purple instead of cack green or boring blue. Bring em on!
  14. by   cwazycwissyRN
    When I was a student we wore the whites and nursing cap.
    By the time I twisted my hair up in a bun, put on my cap, and placed all the bobby pins to secure it all, I was wooped. Then as was getting into my car, I would knock my cap into the top of the door. Sometimes I could actually get to work before knocking it on something. Regardless of when I did it, my bun and cap would end up shifting to one side or another, giving the appearance that I was either really frazzled or just drunk.:roll