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  1. :o I am interested in working in Ause for up to two years. I have joined a few chat rooms in different areas and have found a lot of people dont like kiwis and Im told to stay home. I have Ause mates and relations and are allways welcoming to anyone. If there is someone nice can you reply to me. I will be a new grad in 2004. I have 23 years experience as an enrolled nurse, and do agency work part time while I am doing mt degree. Id like to work in the country as well as some time in the city. I am 41 and will be comming over with my daughter and grandaughter, so I will have to rent, dont have any idea of what costs that involves. Id love to chat and establish a few mates before I come over. Thanks for your time, look forward to your reply,:roll
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  3. by   gwenith
    RagNZ Welcome and we would like to have you over here - don't listen to those other "kiwi kickers". Lots of places to visit and if you are coming over and need to rent you may be better off going ot one to the regional hospitals first before you try the metropolitan hospitals because it is usually cheaper in the regional areas.

    If you go to the underlined "nursing discussions" tag at the top of the page and click that then click Australian nursing forum you will find where most of the Aussies - well if we don't hang out there we do check it out frequently.

    At the "top" of the list of threads for that forum is a "sticky" with information on where to apply to become registered in Australia.

    I will move this thread over to the Australian forum as is will remain more "visible" there for longer.
  4. by   Grace Oz
    RagNZ... G'day! don't listen to or take any notice of those rude people you've "talked" to in chatrooms.
    One of THE NICEST and BEST, nurses I've ever worked with is a KIWI! So, you are WELCOME here in Australia.
    As gwenith suggests, perhaps a regional area would be best to begin with, both in terms of accommodation / living costs affordability, and until you "find your feet", so to speak.
    Have you decided in which state you hope to relocate? Once you've estabilished that, it might be easier for any of us on this BB to be of further assistance.
    Good luck & enjoy looking forward to your new life here in Oz. I'm sure you'll love it here!
  5. by   ragNZ
    Thank you so much. I will do as you both suggest. I am thinking of around Melbourne Adelaide area as its much cheaper to go home when I may need to. Thanks again for your assistance.
  6. by   jayna
    Ah finally a kiwi in the chat room...........

    Welcome Ragnz.
  7. by   NurseRachy
    Don't listen to those rude people who tell you to stay home - tell them to grow up and learn to share!!!
    Australia will welcome you with open arms and we would love to have you over here.
    Melbourne has many hospitals and is a very beautiful city (but i am just a little biased)
    Good luck with your studies and we all hope to see you in Australia in the near future.
  8. by   Tookie
    Go for it - You will be welcome - those people who told you that must have rocks in the head - You are needed and wanted -
    Regional hospitals or the big city ones - As Gwenith said look at her sticky and work out which state - then the area of nursing that is your expertise.

    There are lots of excellent NZ nurses - both here and there.