Nursing in the Big Smoke, London!

  1. Hi girls n boys!
    Just a small Q really.....
    Im an RGN, currently studying for my RMN. Going to flee the nest once ive done, to head down to London to work. Work-wise, pref A&E or a Psych unit (there is a link, honestly.)
    Basic Q, where do i go in London??
    Never been there before aside from Heathrow
    Ive no strings, so im felxible.

    Hope i can get some general info, advice & pick your brains!

    Me :spin:
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  3. by   RGN1
    Hi & welcome!

    If you've no strings then London's your oyster - go where you can get a job, though bear in mind you won't be able to afford a house (although if you work for the NHS you'd qualify for the priority worker shared housing scheme). I'd avoid Hackney, Newham or Islington though :chuckle they didn't fare too well on the latest poll of the best & worst places to live in the UK! Also make sure you don't have to travel by car within the congestion charge zone because that could prove really costly for you.

    London is expensive & there are areas of high crime so check out the Council websites before making a decision. You may find you're better off just a bit outside the city in places like Ongar, Harlow or Chelmsford but check out Stansteds flight paths before committing to those!

    Also if you live in North East London you have the worst skin - according to another recent poll (I live in - yes - the North East!) Good skin is in the North West apparently but they have more laughter lines!! Honest I heard all this on BBC London Radio yesterday!!

    So register with Nursing Times on-line jobs, check out the other nursing press & go find yourself a job! Good luck!
  4. by   kiwideb
    i'd find temp accom first, have a look around a few places.... see what area you like.
    the biggest thing is finding a job that you want then getting somewhere close to that to live really!
    i moved here in june and do agency work, it can and more often than not take longer than an hour to get to work (provided the tube is working properly!) so a workplace close to home is the way to go i reckon.
    there's heaps of kiwis and aussies living in london, most of them around acton or clapham so west,southwest london really...
    londons an exciting place, always something going on
  5. by   madwife2002
    I know GUYs and St Thomas's offer accomodation which is really cheap around late 200 pounds (sorry no pound signs on my computer) per month. Well worth looking into, until you get sorted with a house share.

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