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Hi, This board doesn't seem too active, but I will try anyway. If there are any nurses out there from Ireland I would like to hear from you. I am an American nurse with 30 years experience, currently... Read More

  1. by   K+MgSO4
    If that was the case you would be fighting me for a job cause even though I love it in Oz but it just a bit far away from home! Can't exactly pop home if I need a home cooked meal and a bit of TLC!

    But at least summer will soon be here Down Under!

    I hope that things work out for you.
  2. by   ary333
    Ha not much of a fight I'm obviously the weaker candidate..ha good luck to u too!
  3. by   nursesrgr8t
    Do you know process if you become a nurse in ireland, as a foreign student? (from U.S.)
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    If you train outside the US and plan on registering and becoming a licensed nurse after training all requirements are usually listed on the state board of nursing in the state you plan on registering with. Most require some form of involvement with CGFNS in the for of CES which is a breakdown on your transcripts
  5. by   enfield
    Hi Abiola,
    I believe you must have finished the nursing adaptation.Please I will like to know how you found a sponsor because I have a decision letter and need a sponsor now.Thank you
  6. by   shem
    Hi, I need help about registration to Ireland ABA. Are they needing certain length of experience prior to registration? How can I get a job in Ireland after the registration? thanks. i'm new here.