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I read in the Nursing Times recently that Nurses were finally being allowed to move deeper within the world of anaesthetics. i awas looking at anaesthetics in the U.S. where not only did i discover... Read More

  1. by   Nurse2BMonique21
    Hi ya Tracey, god all that experience in ITU, the schools in usa would snap you up. !! my game plan was to immigrate to America and do my 18 months contract with OGP and do the CRNA course as they only require you to have 1 year ICU experience. Obviously you would have a green card as you are sponsered, so you would be eligible to apply for loans. you usually need 2 years credit history in the states to do this anyway. Yes its not good to borrow, but some of the salarys you could earn as a crna in america, is more than what a surgeon would get paid here!..i know its ridiculous. However, in regards to the Uk, they say that 50 thousand pounds a year is what they will be paying you once qualified. Im not sure how much once training. It is very worthwhile doing , they only reason why i steered against it is because you STILL do not have as much autonomy as a CRNA in the states. 80% of CRNA administer anesthestia, where as here the Anesthesiologist will be upon your heels all the time!! Yes you still have to report to the Anesthesiogist in the USA but your given a lot more responsibility. I guess it all depends on what you want. However, you are in a brilliant position to get accepted to whatever you need to go good luck xx
  2. by   Nurse2BMonique21
    i just read you post again, and noticed it was f grade salary at trainee thats quite good. Id take the post!!! you have nothing to lose, your rite.!! let me know how you get on!!! where did you see that on nhs jobs?? xx
  3. by   Spartagates
    It does sound interesting, though I'm pretty sure the docs will resist giving all this power away at all costs (you'll see what I mean soon enough). But, I'm interested in knowing how you will gain the extra hours needed to gain a visa to the US in the first place? (peads, mental etc)