NT Government doubles nurse staffing levels

  1. NT Government doubles nurse staffing levels -

    The Northern Territory Government is attempting to reduce nursing staff turnover levels at remote indigenous communities by doubling staff levels.

    Health Minister Peter Toyne says the Government will employ extra nurses in 18 single-nurse communities, to also improve medical efficiency for remote residents.

    "Single nurse posts are really burn-out material for the nurses concerned, they're basically on 24-hour call. There's no respite for them whatsoever.

    "They find that as a single nurse on station you can't get to the less critical things like screening kids, and screening chronic diseases in adults."

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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Good for The NT Gov't! It looks like they "get it"!
  4. by   Torachan
    Still it takes a special person to work in a remote area... although after being stuck in traffic this morning it sounds appealing. Two thumbs up for the NT govt doing something positive