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hey guys, can you please help me out. ive been searching the web for NJ'c nclex application form but all i get is their form for US grads only... i would really be thankful if you help me out with... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
  2. by   cefrn
    im also applying for licensure in new jersey. could you please tell me the step-by-step process that you did in applying?
    i already mailed my application form to the NJBON. its been 4 months already but i haven't received anything from them yet.
    i havent taken the TOEFL exam yet and i havent mailed the CES application to cgfns. am i missing something here?
    i need your help..
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    NJ will not process your application without the CES and/or English exams depending on whether your training was completed in English or not.
  4. by   cefrn
    what type of toefl exam should i take? the internet based or the paper based exam... thanks
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    As the results have to be given to CGFNS to be included on your CES I would look at the requirements on CGFNS on which TOEFL is accepted and use it for both

    All instructions for submitting to NJ is here http://www.nj.gov/lps/ca/nursing/fornurse_app.pdf
  6. by   suzanne4
    If a state requires the CES, they will not do anything with processing of your application; it is just going to be sitting there.

    Any time that one applies for anything, you need to read the instructions that are given with that application and all of the requirements are listed on the website for the specific BON.

    Without meeting their requirements, you are not going to get approval to sit for the exam; nor are they going to contact you in most cases to tell you this. It is not their responsibility to be doing so.
  7. by   suzanne4
    If you are in the Philippines, you are going to need to complete the full exam in order to have a chance at a visa for the US. You may as well get the entire TOEFL exam done, the iBT; if that is the route that you wish to use.

    Internet or paper, they are still both the same exam. You need to complete all of the sections including the reading, writing, as well as speaking.

    Again, check out their website; they give all of the information there when one is not a graduate of a US program.
  8. by   cefrn
    can i send the CES application to cgfns without the result of the toefl exam?
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from cefrn
    can i send the CES application to cgfns without the result of the toefl exam?
    You can but they will not complete the application without the English exam, How soon are you planning on taking it? If soon then wait to take exam and then send application. Takes a few months to go through CES as they need to receive your transcripts etc in a orderly manner as well as anything else (TOEFL results have to go direct from them to CGFNS). One suggestion is to arrange with your school that the transcripts go via FedEx or UPS etc
  10. by   cefrn
    i already asked my school and our licensing agency to send the necessary documents to cgfns a few months ago..
  11. by   cefrn
    im planning to take it this august or September. i plan to attend review classes for the toefl, in preparation for
    the exam
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    The thing is if they have no application from you there is no reason to keep any stuff that you have organised to go to them you may have to organise again for things to be sent
  13. by   suzanne4
    Quote from cefrn
    i already asked my school and our licensing agency to send the necessary documents to cgfns a few months ago..
    And sorry, but I am shaking my head at this point. What are they supposed to do with the items if you have never sent in the application for the CES and paid the fee for it?

    They are under no obligation to even hold onto the items, no application,a and there is no binding contract between the two of you. You are going to be very lucky if they have kept the items.

    This just makes no sense at all. And for anyone else reading here, without an application as well as payment, no company has to do anything on your behalf.