New Z 411 Please?

  1. Greetings!
    Just wanted to know everything about New Zealand Nursing. Im planning to tke the bridging program in NZ, and since Im still here in the Philippines, a little bit of info about being a health care provider wouldnt hurt. Pinoy nurses and kiwi nurses, please help!

    What school to enrol in?
    Monthly salary? the most important detail! haha!
    Auckland or Wellington or Christchurch?
    Standard of living?
    how much is the beer?

    By the way I dont have any relatives there, and planning on discovering your beautiful island myself!
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  3. by   cracker
    I'm a kiwi now working in the USA. I used to work in the ER in Hamilton and they had employed philippine nurses. They were registered nurses that were required to complete further clinical hours. Once they completed there hours they were hired on. I know there was a large number that came not only to the ER but also to the the floors. Which made for a great support group. The hospital arranged shared housing. For more info try contacting there recruitment centre - 64 7 8398899 maybe they can help.
  4. by   Kiwimid
    Can I recommend either Auckland or Hamilton. There is a large philipines community up here. I should know, Im philapino by marrige. Hahaha forgive the spelling. Anyhoo, there are two schools in Auckland as well, one at Ak University and one at AUT. Go to to check it out. As for the beer.....yeah, aint too bad about 5 bucks kiwi in the pub. all good, see ya when you get here. Oh and what part are you from???
    step mom from south.