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  1. Hi all!

    I'm a final year nursing student in the UK, 7/8 months away from completing my degree. I am very keen to get on the move however, having long suffered from itchy feet! I have done a fair amount of travelling in the past and i'm looking to do a bit more in the near future, with Canada, NZ, Australia and the US the most likely places. I m particularly interested in Canada and NZ as i have not spent a great deal of time in either place. And of course, i would like to nurse in whichever part of the world i end up in. My question really is how likely it is that i would be able to get a job straight after graduation in any of these countries? ( I know the US is pretty unlikely!). Is there any new graduate schemes in these countries that i could maybe apply for or woulfd it be possible to just apply normally?And if this is the case, how likely is it that i would get a job with no experience?! Sorry about all the questions but i'm very keen to find out as much as i can about this so i can maybe make a start on looking at it seriously.

    Thanks again for everyone' time. Any information/ comments would be much appreciated.

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  3. by   madwife2002

    Do you think you will be ready to work in a foreign country without having any nursing experience? I doubt you would be ready in your own country let alone abroad. Why dont you get 6 months in your own country first and then you would be in a better position to gain employment in another country.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    also just answered your question a bit in the general forum. Have to agree with MW you can be getting some experience whilst you are going through the process as can't really start anything until you are qualified
  5. by   suzanne4
    And to add in to this: if you are just in your final year, there will be courses that you will need to take in addition to your program in order to qualify you to work in either the US or Canada. Not sure what your specialty is, but you will be required to have hours in peds/maternal/mental health in order to be able to sit for the licensing exam for either of the two countries.

    By the time that you get thru the immigration process, you will have gotten a years experience easily. You cannot even start the licensing process until you have a completed set of transcripts to submit.