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new doctors, nurses should work two years in rp - pma 10/12/2007 | 02:44 pm just a heads-up to fellow filipino nurses. file your papers and get on the next available plane. i... Read More

  1. by   miss_cy
    how i love to speak in tagalog in answering this forum! ggeezz! hello??????????? then where will you put them on work??? just a clever suggestion to the person who thought of passing this bill to the congress, THINK OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR PLANS FIRST OK"? as if there are alot of hospitals here that are open for hiring! and yeah, if you dont want nurses to leave the PI, increase the salary! ( i wish i can really speak tagalog right now to truly express what i feel)
  2. by   K-Ann
    Quote from acecareer
    It is a really good idea! BUT, they should limit that to those who graduated using the STATE funds. After all the government spent for their education, it's about time they pay back. It will NOT be fair for those of us who labored ourselves (or our parents/relatives) to death just to send us to school. This must not apply to Nursing or Medicine alone, but should be implemented to all profession.

    Maybe some people are not aware about this but it has been implemented for years already. Those who went to school by DOST scholarship cannot go out of the country. They have to stay in the country the same number of years they stayed in school using the scholarship.