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  1. hi! just new here. ANyway, i'm aykes and a nursing graduate here in the philippines. I'm planning to go to UK and study NVQ in Health and Social Care Level 4. My question is am I allowed to work there when i completed the course? Because from what I've heard there is no shortage of carers in UK and those jobs give prioritity to those from EU members.

    Please help me.

    Thanks in advance..
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    I have moved this to the International forum as I feel it will be better answered there. There is also a thread in the Philippines section taking about this.

    I personally have problems with this project as immigration has made very stringent issues on employing someone outside the EU and worry that you are just being taken advantage of. There are a lot of carers in the UK and it is not a shortage

    This is my opinion
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  4. by   suzanne4
    You will not be able to get a visa that will permit you to stay and work there once you have finished your schooling. As has been mentioned, it is very difficult to get a visa for there now if you are not at least a citizen of a European Union country, preference goes to those from the UK first.

    You will also have difficulties is getting a nursing license there as well. If you selected the UK for training based on the idea that you could stay and work, suggest that you rethink this.

    There was actually a group of nurses from your country that have been there for several years and did not get their visas renewed. There have been arguments going on back and forth to permit them to be able to remain; but they are definitely not going to issue any new visas.
  5. by   mayflower2000
    Most likely you will have to go back home as there is no shortage of carers here. As silverdragon 102 mentioned, they will have to employ first the uk citizens, then other european countries before they will think of hiring someone from philippines. All the agency wants you is your placement, your money. You will be just wasting your money. Stay away from that agency.