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  1. hi guys
    i am in need of help. could anybody help me?actually i am an asylee and working on work permit in us and now i m going to take nclexrn very soon so my question is can i be able to change my status to permanent here if any employer sponsores me?
    reply asap
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I would certainly like to help but I'm unsure what you asking.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Hi Kanny...............
    The answer is yes, once you pass and have an employer, you will be able to apply for a green card, to be done by your employer.:wink2:

    How is the preparation going for the exam?
  5. by   kanny
    thanks to all of you.
    let me clear it more, i have applied for asylum n my case is going on in the court n if my case would get rejected(hope not) then can i stay here in us if any employer would file a petition for me (nursing basis)..i mean if he/she says we need her. i m really worried what s gonna happen to me....i would appreciate if anybody help me out from this .
  6. by   suzanne4
    Yes, but you need to pass NCLEX as quickly as possible.
    I am aware of the asylum conditions, if you can pass NCLEX as soon as possible, then you should not have any issues.

    Which country are you from?
  7. by   kanny
    O really!! Thanksssssss suzzane4
    You made me so relieved are great. i am just waiting for the eligibility letter from ca-bon.
    i am fron india.
    once again thanks to you for giving me such a good news and replying so quick.
    i really appreciated.