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  1. can someone pls clarify this for me... Upon employment in the states, they'd offer a refund of fees/expenses incurred on NCLEX exam, sign on bonus, airfare for u and family, relocation allowance, and etc.... Are these incentives available if i go through the direct hiring process or only via agency recruitment???

    And in terms of financial expenses, will it be better to let an agency shoulder all the expenses for an immigrant lawyer, filing fees, airfare, etc. and then have them cut back a percentage of your salary.... OR better for me to shoulder at least $5-6T for an immigrant lawyer plus all the additional fees if i opt for direct hiring?

    pls share your stories on what those of you chose to do. this can really help me decide on my future. thank u so much and god bless!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    What you have posted is from an agency, that will be taking that money back from your pay. There is nothing that is done for free, it will come from you, and from a much higher cost than if you paid for it in the first place.

    If you are able to pay your fees, and your immigration costs, that is the way to go........not one thing can be done as far as direct hire until you pass the NCLEX exam. Agecies try to get you to sign up before, but there is nothing that they can legally do either.
  4. by   marilag16
    If you are able to shoulder all costs, that is the best way to go. For it is ALWAYS better TO BE IN CONTROL of your own time frame, processing, etc. than rely on not-so-reliable persons/agencies. There's no such thing as free lunch..