Necessary Immunizations or Vaccines for Nurses

  1. I just want to ask if what are the immunizations or vaccines that nurses need to have for us to be protected while rendering effective care to patients. How much would that immunization cost?
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  3. by   tobby_walter
    here are the suggested vaccines that a nurse must have:

    1. flu vaccine - around1000 or even less depends on the doctors price.
    2. meningo vaccine - around 1,500
    3. pnuemococal vaccine - around 1,800
    4. Hepa-B vaccine - more or less 500 depends on the manufacturers.
    5. BCG - free at birth
    6. MMR - 1000+

    these are the vaccines that are needed specially if one is immigrating to another country. better consult your own doctor for the best option they can offer to you which will direct you on what vaccines you needed most.
  4. by   gambutrol
    Hepa B vaccination is a must! I think it is required in most if not all nursing schools here in the Philippines. I can't remember how much it is (maybe around 200-500 pesos), but you would have to have a titer first before taking the vaccination. It is for three doses with a 0-1-6 regimen.

    If you have extra money to shell out you could also have flu shots in order to increase your resistance although this usually recommended to children and elderly people since they are the population wherein influeza could be debilitating.

    For the other vaccines, if you have completed the vaccination regimen for Filipino babies like BCG, OPV, AMV, DPT etc. then you wouldn't have any problem.
  5. by   skittymoody
    Where could I find Hepa B vaccine worth 500 pesos?would you recommend any clinic?
  6. by   bettyboop09
    Quote from skittymoody
    Where could I find Hepa B vaccine worth 500 pesos?would you recommend any clinic?
    way back our duty days, we buy vaccines worth 500 from our designated health centers or have a prescription for the vaccine then we'll just pass it on to anybody who wants to get vaccinated too (vaccines in health centers almost have the same price with those that can be bought in drugstores). since we know how to do IM, we do the injecting by ourselves---by partner, just like in a return demonstration.