Nearly there...

  1. Just finished the packing, everything we own is either in storage here in the UK, in Sydney or in Seattle. Clothes and nic nacs all in the suitcase. One more day then we fly off to Sydney! (with a two day stopover in Dubai, and a week or so in Melbourne, which should be nice )
    Hows the weather there girls? Just checked and the last report said sunny and 30 degrees. WOOOOHOOO, I cant wait. Hope the apartment is as nice as it looks on the pics. The last place was so Im sure this will be too.
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  3. by   gwenith
    Ooooh! So good to hear you are almost here!

    Weather here is hot but REALLY unpredictable this year. Please, please bring some rain with you Huh?
  4. by   muffie
    so what will you be doing in aussieland, TT ?
  5. by   Grace Oz
    safe flight! to australia!
  6. by   safewaygreenbox
    Good luck and give us loads of info of what you are up to x
  7. by   Tanvi Tusti
    Well here we are! Spent a couple of days in glorious Dubai (anyone whos never been get yourself over there right now!!), arrived in Melbourne Wednesday afternoon. We will spend a week here with friends and then take the train over to Sydney next Thursday. We have a week and a half there before I start my job. Still jetlagged, on UK time. Its 9:50pm here, feels like I should be just getting up though. Ah well its a small price to pay.
    And for all you lucky enough to be here, can I say hello and my god, the weather is FANTASTIC. Over 29 degrees here today and more to come.
    Ill keep you all posted on my job when I get there.
  8. by   gwenith
    Now - important question - did you bring us any RAIN??
  9. by   safewaygreenbox
    Wow sounds great. Do you have children? I read somewhere that the age limit is 16 for taking kids with you - is that correct? x
  10. by   Tanvi Tusti
    Hi all
    Well we are in Sydney, arrived on Thursday last. The apartment is great, we spent the last few days getting it sorted and just managed to get online this AM. Its so nice to be back, we are in Camperdown this time round and so far so good. I start my job on Monday next, its the same as I did before so at least I will know the ropes. Thanks everyone for your good wishes and to safeway, no we dont have kids, but Im sure they wouldn't put the limit for immigration with parents at 16, my feelings are it would be 18, it is most other places.
  11. by   gwenith
    Glad you are liking it!
  12. by   Tiwi
    Quote from gwenith
    Now - important question - did you bring us any RAIN??
    RAIN, Gwenith? We up north and northwest are probably the only place that has been having rain. It is weird weather. Many of the outlying communities in Arnhemland have been cut off. Its not so bad here in Darwin, we just had our back fence knocked down LOL.