NCLEX IN GA.. CGFNS required?

  1. hi! im about to graduate this april and im planning to take my NCLEX in ATL,GA can anyone tell me if CGFNS in required in that state? thanks so much.. also im a US citizen with a SS no. thanks a lot!
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  3. by   lawrence01
    This is more appropriate in our Int'l forum. Will move this thread to the Int'l forum.

    Please read the Stickies above the Int'l forum, esp. Suzanne's "Primer". Pls. go to your respective State BON as well and download the forms and instructions for foreign nurses. Thanks.

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  4. by   augigi
    You should check the Georgia board of nursing website here:
    This states that you need EITHER the CGFNS certificate, or the CES Course-By-Course report.

    1. Are you internationally educated? If you're a US citizen educated in the US, you do not need CGFNS.
    2. Where do you want to work?

    You do not apply to take NCLEX, but for GA licensure by examination. All the info is on their application form.

    Good luck.
  5. by   chichimitchi
    yes im internationally educated.. and what is CES? what do i need to do for that? wow confusing..
  6. by   lawrence01
    I suggest reading Suzanne's "Primer" sticky above as it will answer majority of your questions.

    Also, try to visit the relevant sites for details and instructions re: requirements for foreign-educated nurses and CGFNS services. A list of links are also included in that Primer
  7. by   suzanne4
    Quote from chichimitchi
    yes im internationally educated.. and what is CES? what do i need to do for that? wow confusing..

    Even if you are a US citizen, that is only helpful with immigration issues, but you will still need to follow what ever a state wants if you did not train in the US; you will need to follow the requirements for a foreign trained nurse....even for the states that have language requirements, you would have to go thru those, as well,

    The CES is a credentials evaluation that is done by CGFNS. You will need to get that done before GA will permit you to test. Remember that licensure is based on where you trained, it does not care about your citizenship.

    Licensure is completely separate from immigration issues. They are completely unrelated in their requirements.

    Also, please be aware that you will not be able to even start the CES process until you have a completed set of transcripts. Not one thing can be done until then, and GA BON will not evaluate your application until they have the CES.