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Hi anyone that can help. I am looking for an agency in the UK that can help me to get a nursing job in BC, I am a RMN and looking to relocate to Canada.... Read More

  1. by   Lizpe
    ok, is it a US slang?
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    I have heard it a couple of times in the UK but think it is used more in the US
  3. by   sandraann
    Grandfather- What I met was for example if your already a nurse lets say in Ontario, Canada in 2003 with a diploma. When the rule CHANGED IN 2004 TO HAVING A BACHELORS DEGREE. you were grandfathered in with your diploma nursing.(AFTER WRITING EXAM) THE SCHOOL AFTER THAT PERIOD REQUIRED A BACHELORS INSTEAD OF DIPLOMA. *** after 2010 A BACHELORS WILL BE REQUIRED IN ALBERTA.
    When I gratuated in 2003. I had a deadline to write which was a few months.
    as my mom was on her dead bed and I was license in u.s. I didnt, write.
  4. by   Esther08
    Quote from sandraann
    I presently am applying for my canadian alberta license which is a different province from b.c. Where your looking for work. I am different from most people because im french american born...but have dual citizenship. I was educated in the u.s. And worked in the u.s......its a different process in canada.i do not think there is as many opportunites with perks there. I worked in u.s. 20 years, but living in canada sort of both of best world. I can say that you cant work in a canadian facility and pick your shift nor do they hand out big bonus checks. I became an r.n. Because a u.s. Hospital payed for it. I can say that if i was ill i would prefer an american facilty because i know the difference. Have both plans. Canada is socialized and its very slow...............to get medical care here. My daughter was told she needed to wait one year to see a specialist. I had a bad experience with ontario hospital involving my daughter. 24 years old...on her death bed... I watched them make a whole lot of mistakes..over the course of six months....but that can happen anywhere.......i believe the health care went down hill because the government made to many changes to quick. Most are spoiled and continue to want everything payed for free...but its not that way anymore....because of to much abuse by people.....in my opinion i prefer to work u.s. Side....but as far as family wise.........i would raise my family in canada....its so beautiful here....less crime....very,very...clean.......great education system.....one of the best countries you could live in.............good luck
    give me a shout.......sandraann

    what country r u originally from ? I can tell English isn't ur first language from the way you write
  5. by   Fiona59
    She has posted that she has French and American Citizenship on various other threads. So I guess she immigrated to Canada as a child.

    Many who live in the province of Quebec have a similar level of English and are Canadian citizens.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from esther08
    what country r u originally from ? i can tell english isn't ur first language from the way you write
    if you read the post you have quoted it tells you they are french american born with canadian/us citizenship
  7. by   sandraann
    Actually your both wrong ! My father was American and his father lived in (U.S. FOR 30 YEARS AND 30 YEARS IN CANADA) So the family members some are Canadian and some are American. My mother was born in Canada. I lived in the U.S. until I was 18 years old. I then moved to Canada on my own where all my relatives live that are Canadian on both sides.(My mother's and father's side of the family.)I was referred to as the YANKEE -cousin! lol! I have nerver been on the internet and I have absolutely no typing skills! I am definitely learning new things every day from all of you! Thank-you ! All the best ! My last name is French and very common.