Long Way to the Top

  1. Entertainment thread

    We are off to see the 'Long Way to the Top' next week -

    For those who have no idea about what l am talking about - this is a presentation of a group of musicians who were huge and popular when l was growing up -in the 60 and 70's gives away my age doesn't it

    So in a way related to the previous thread about the Oils and the 30 feet of grunt
    Who was, is, are, your favorite Australian / New Zealander entertainer singer group etc.

    Just trying to get yet another thread going - can't just talk about sport all the time can we?

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  3. by   Aussienurse2
    Is that the concert that was on ABC a few weeks ago? It's very good if it's the same one, have been thinking about getting the DVD.
  4. by   renerian
    Tookie you know my vote. I like the grunts. I still cannot find any of danielle spencers music though. I don't know if anyone has seen her or heard her music?

  5. by   NurseRachy
    Oh renerian i think you'll have to search pretty far and wide to find Danielle's music at the momemt!!
    My favourite aussie band at the moment is...silverchair!! oh wait there are more...Powderfinger, Something for Kate, Magic Dirt, Crowded House, Frenzal Rhomb, Mach Pelican, oh i could go on forever!!
    Love Rachel @}-->---------
  6. by   bewbew
    Lucky you, Tookie! That series was EXCELLENT!!!!!!
    ACDC of the Bon Scott days.........WOW! And Skyhooks.......
  7. by   Tookie
    Yes l am looking forward to it
    Isnt it awful l have recently been remebering other big shows that l went to that became historic type music events
    Like the Seekers in the Myer Music Bowl with 250,000 people
    Went to see the Stones at Kooyong (l really didnt appreciate them that much)
    Havent been to that many shows in recnet years cant/couldnt afford them or they were too far to travel to - ie Melbourne or Sydney and at that stage l always seemd to be on nights then
    Now no kids at home beginning to get to know the other half again and to live a little - like cook seafood and occaisionally go to the cinema
  8. by   frannybee
    My best girlfriend and I spent Australia Day in the Walkabout Inn, an Aussie theme pub, in Sheffield.

    They had a great selection of Aussie and Kiwi music playing all day which was surprising since Anzac Day last year was about 4 songs by Crowded House and AC/DC!

    We drank Fosters coz they gave away hats with it, then Midori Illusions coz they taste yummo, then we drank more Fosters coz they'd started giving it away free. Then we started all over again.

    We'd been there 4 hrs before we finally twigged that they hadn't played Khe Sanh and demanded it immediately - wish fulfilled.

    Probably the best Oz Day of my life
  9. by   Tookie
    We are off to see the show tommorrow night - will post a thought or two
  10. by   Tookie
    What a great show - only 5 rows from the front - the show was in a tent - it was great
    Its interesting to see how well or not some of these people have aged (just like us)
    The show strated a l;ittle late - 7.40 pm - didnt finishe until about 11.45 - only a 20 min break - just great
    Some of these guys got my heart in a flutter all over again
    Billy thorpe was fantastic - Max Merrit was just gret
    Doug parkinson even though he is a little larger than some haas the deepest and best voice to go with it. Marcia Hinz - looked great - So many to mention but the one who l was surprised at not only cause of his talent as a write and singer but cause he just looked so sexy to me was brain Cadd - Yes l know he has long white hair and beard and all that l just think he is gorgeous
    Anyway if you get the chance and your in my vintage you shoulf really enjoy it

    OK one thing was not so good - was (I am not a little lady OK - on the larg size - dont look quite like my avatar now) Anyway the seats were very small and l was sitting next to a guy who made Doug parkinson looook anorexic.

    great Show had a great time
  11. by   bewbew
    Anyway if you get the chance and your in my vintage you shoulf really enjoy it
    I reckon any vintage would have enjoyed that show........sounded great!
  12. by   Tookie
    It was a great show - 2 weeks later l can still think about it a think - it was a great night - and yes my little heart goes a little pitter pat when l think of Brian Cadd - You know its not the looks - it's the talent
    So who do you admire and why
  13. by   renerian
    The Grunts were on ET last night. They are coming out with a DVD of their Austin, Texas show last year........they also said they may be touring the states again!!! WOWOWOWO

  14. by   frannybee
    Originally posted by Sandra m. Took

    So who do you admire and why
    James Morrison (brass player extraordinnaire) because he can play anything with a brass mouthpiece using a system of concentric circles, and because he can use circulatory breathing (like didgeridoo players). I tried for years to do both things and failed at both so I can only admire him for his talents. I also love him because of the devotion he shows to his students, and the amount of dedication he has to the music industry of Australia.