Like to apply in Germany can anyone help?

  1. Hi everyone, im a registered nurse and would like to ask help on how can i apply online in Germany nursing council. I would really like to improve my nursing career by applying jobs abroad. Can anyone help me or give me advice how to apply jobs abroad by just applying online. And the other reason that i would love to apply online, agencies are collecting so much from there applicants and i'm on financial problem right now. Any advice from you guys will surely be appreciated thank you!
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Well how fluent in German are you? It's a requirement to work there.

    Are you an EU citizen?
  4. by   ledeoj
    Thanks for the reply. I'm not a EU citizen actually im from the philippines. I would really love to study the language and pass the test if there is. But as of this moment i would just like to ask about there nursing council first then if there would be progress with regards to my application thats the time that ill be taking the next step. DO you know how can i apply online to there nursing council?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Try doing a search in regards to Germany as there have been a few German nurses post. They state how hard it is for them to find work so coming from outside the EU will be really hard. A couple of the posts also mention how to get sorted in regards to license however i don't think there are anything online in this regards. Next hurdle will be getting a work permit and being fluent in German will definitely be a requirements as you will need a employer to get a permit plus not from the EU will make it even harder to find employer
  6. by   Mona77
    As you are not an EU citizen it will be almost impossible for you to work as a nurse in Germany.
    Working visa application and nursing registration are two seperate processes.
    Visit the Manila German Embassy website for specific information.
    To become registered also will depend on the region you want to live, all 16 federal states have their own regional board.
    Online applications are not available in Germany for nurse registration.
    You must show proof of language proficiency with your application, that means you should take courses in German before applying for registration, otherwise your application won't be processed.
    In May a new law will be introduced that facilitates recruitment of Eastern European nurses. The recruitment agencies are prepared to flood the German job market, so employers are unlikely to sponsor a Philippine nurse, when they can employ European nurses without the need to obtain a working visa.
    Please consider this.
  7. by   sowmy
    i have just completed my bsc nursing in india do i have any oppurtunities to work in germany?
  8. by   brightyphilip
    no am not