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  1. by   Rep
    INTEGRITY is the word for it. The Philippine government does not have it. Some of the people do not have it as manifested by people who tolerated graft and corruption everywhere and turn a blind eye because they benefit from it.

    Why can we start by having intergrity in our profession? We could start with the way how we handle this June 2006 exam and who knows this will create a chain reaction that puts intergrity back into our nation as our forefathers have.

    This way, no more law abiding good Filipinos, will ever leave the country again. If ever one wants to have a poll among Filipinos why they are leaving the country, one of the reasons is because our Filipino government is a graft rotten institution, indifferent to our needs and cares only about the pork barrel, commisions, bribes and etc.

    For those who are coming here to the US. Wait till you see the difference and you will like it here very much.

    People here knows how to wait in line regardless of the background they have. Your neighborhood policeman will greet you which I have never experience while in the Phils with the PNP. You go to a government agency like the SocIal Secuity Admistration, Dept. of Motor vehicle, the staff there will immedaitely attend you unlike my experience with BIR, SSS , LTO etc, You go to a Phil office, what you will see? Staff are busy texting and not attending to you and if you happened to look poor the more they will not mind you.

    I can write and write in here and I am off topic already.

    The word is "INTEGRITY," some people have it, some people don't.
  2. by   bonsai_25
    according to merriam-webster integrity is “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.”

    integrity comprises the personal inner sense of "wholeness" deriving from honesty and consistent uprightness of character
    many people appear to use the word "integrity" in a vague manner as an alternative to the perceived political incorrectness of using blatantly moralistic terms such as "good" or ethical. in this sense the term often refers to a refusal to engage in lying, blaming or other behavior generally seeming to evade accountability.

    it’s nice to hear the word integrity especially when it comes from someone or some personalities who are known to have them. if only, that is the motive for the retake of the exam.

    funny thing the media is showing only the good side of the argument all the time, all i hear is about integrity and professionalism. but how come nobody believes that here? especially the ones who took the exam, the ones who are living here in the philippines, the ones who have been watching and waiting for the news, the ones who are in the court all the time, listening to the court hearings?

    have you seen the debates between both sides? its an eye opener you guys should watch it. i am sorry because i too would really want to see its about integrity. all i can hear from the retake group are, if only they they did not use the statistical treatment, i could have passed the exam, because test 5 is my forte. its more like sour graping than integrity to me. one board passer said from the retake group, my grades should be higher than 75. i mean honestly, does it look like integrity? it is unfair for them to use such a nice word when their motives all along are different.

    yes the government here sucks!! big time wohoo! plus retaking or not retaking the exam, doesn’t prove one’s integrity. you cannot test it in one exam as well as competency. even if you retake the exam it doesn’t follow you have one. anyway, whatever the court's decision is let us just follow it so this issue will end.

    i want to visit disney land in usa and not hongkong.. yeah im off topic haha. have a nice day hehe
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