Is TSE or IELTS a requirement?

  1. I am a quite shy by personality and that's what's making me sure that i could never passed any english proficiency exam with spoken english.I do have confidence about Toefl bec. it is only about written,listening,and reading.Infact i already passed it even without reviewing.I can say that i can communicate well in english also.It's just that i have this phobia about having all those tape recorders and speaking all by myself or being interviewed personally for that matter.I married a US citizen and we're working out on my US immigrant visa.Do i still need that "test of spoken english exam or it's just a requirement for those applying for Visa screen?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but that TOEFL exam also has the speaking section, and it is required to work in almost any foreign country that uses English. Either the IELTS series or the TOEFL series.

    Your other question, English is a requirement for all that want to get a green card on their own and that means getting a Visa Screen Certificate. There are also several states that require English exams before they will even permit you to get licensed. And that is not to say that the hospital where you wish to work will not require proof of English.

    Personally, I see it going towards all needing to have the VSC, no matter how you obtained the green card. There is much more to the VSC than just the English exam.

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  4. by   almoret
    so that means if i will be able to get a US immigrant visa and green card bec. of the fact that i married a US citizen i will not be needing the TSE or any english exam already?There are states that does'nt require english exam to be able to qualify or become eligible in taking the NCLEX-RN though
  5. by   suzanne4
    If you wish to work in a state that has an Englihs requirement, then you will be required to pass the appropriate exam for that state.

    Licensure requirements are different from immigration requirements. You will not need the Englihs exams for the purpose of getting a visa, but that does not take away the fact the state where you will work will require it.

    Example: Maryland requires the English speaking test even if you hold an American passport, but if you trained overseas, you need to take the exam.

    And just because a nurse passes the NCLEX exam and has a visa to work in the US, their English skills must be up to par of the facility will not even hire them in the first place and there are hospitals that are now requiring documented proof of passing the English exams before they will hire you and that is something that they can easily do.
  6. by   gsb2153
    Which English exam is required for licensure in California? Can I take the Ielts? It's probably cheaper to pay for one exam, than having to pay for two, like the TSE/TOEFL. Can you please help me?
  7. by   lawrence01
    California Board of Registered Nursing doesn't have an English proficiency exam requirement for them to make you eligible to sit for the NCLEX RN Exam.

    However, an English Prof. exam is still needed to complete the Visa Screen Certification for your green card processing and by the employers you will be working.
  8. by   gsb2153
    Then that means that it really doesn't matter if I take the Ielts or Toefl/Tse to get a visa screen. I'll probably take the Ielts. Thank you very much for helping me.
  9. by   lawrence01
    Quote from gsb2153
    Then that means that it really doesn't matter if I take the Ielts or Toefl/Tse to get a visa screen. I'll probably take the Ielts. Thank you very much for helping me.
    Yes, IELTS (Academic Module) would be fine. Your welcome.:spin: