Is "late ivf" an error?

  1. ..i was called by the hrd mngr bcoz of late ivf. 'really im disappointed i am 3-11 shift and received that said ivf really late that was supposed to be consumed at 230pm, so naturally the next ivf will be late and so i referred it to the attending physician.accdgly,its ok bcoz the patient was having chf and dyspneic. what really irritates me i was told to submit a written report.. bcoz i dont think twas necessary at all.. late ivf really happens! a lot of factors to mention
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  3. by   gr8greens
    Charli, I agree with you. If the MD said there was no harm done...then the whole incident should be a non-issue. And even if you did hang the IVF ontime....your nurses' sense more than likely, would have made you call the MD and question the rate or need for the IVF...since the pt. was in CHF. I'm sorry you were made to write this up.
  4. by   suzanne4
    You have got to be kidding....................???

    In the US, in most cases, if the patient is getting IVPB, they are going to infuse in place of the fluids, there is no reason to give a patient all of that extra fluid unless they dehydrated.

    Is the patient recieving enough fluids? What is their respiratory status like, as well as cardiac status? These are things that need to be constantly assessed, and you are responsible for doing here.

    Sorry, but the thought that an incident report needs to be written on that is crazy. And that is not a med error. you did nothing wrong.
  5. by   Pheebz777
    The question is: How late was the IVF given??
  6. by   Labs_Cabin
    i dont think incident report means you have done wrong about it, perhaps the supervisor is just documenting it and will help minimize the "error" next time.

    go and just write what has transpired!

    hope it helps