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  1. Hi there. I am currently enrolled to start a PN program and am applying for a government grant. In the application I need to supply the names of three people that I have talked to about being a nurse. If you are willing to answer my questions and let me use your name I would greatly appreciate it. I just need to hear about what you like most/least about your work. Maybe let me know what kind of job you have (in hospital, shifts, requirements such as driving, and wages for a beginning LPN and one who has been working for about 5 years). Anything else you would think I would find interesting or useful would be great too. Thanks for your time.

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  3. by   Fiona59
    I've never heard of that requirement for a government grant. Which province are you in?

    I don't think anyone will be willing to give that kind of information to an unknown person over the www.

    Have you considered talking to people at the college you are planning on attending in the nursing programme or even called your provincial CLPN?
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Good advice Fiona. There are some people (myself included) who would be willing to speak in generalities on the public forum, and in more detail by PM, although perhaps not anything really identifying. I'm not an LPN, though. And I too have never seen those types of criteria for a grant application.
  5. by   linzz
    I am with the other two posters, most people would not give that type of info out on the web. Try your college, most of them give some $ for those in need with reasonable entering grade point averages, at least they do in Ontario. If you are in Ontario, call or email the RPNAO. (Registered Practical Nurse Association of Ontario).
  6. by   tjack
    I'm on grant in Alberta and I had to do the same thing. except I was told that they may want to verify your answers, so you might want to call Pratical Nurse Association in your province and try to speak to a few actual people.