I need a job !!

  1. Hey ... I have a problem.

    I just finsihed my first yr of univ for my RN degree. Now i'd like to find a job in a hospital as a nurses aide or something ... anything. I do'nt want to work in a nursing home and i can't do community care b/c i do'nt have a car

    I just do'nt know where to start. Also, i have a job for this summer and i'd just like the nurses aide job for part time during the school year ... I figure if i start now, i'm bound to find one by then.

    I just haven't done this before ... I need advice. Do they even take nursing students in hospitals?
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  3. by   epg_pei
    Repeatedly, from myself!

    I finished my first year too (wasn't it fun), and was hoping for a similar position, as a nurses aide, or even an orderly or what-have-you, just a job in a hospital or care setting where I can get used to the environment.

    I asked at the local hospital and they do take 1st year people, but just for things like orderlies. The care homes around here want you to have a special course done in order to work there so thats out the window.

    Keep trying and let us know how you get along!
  4. by   rnrncan
    Where are u going to school? I know sick kids takes some students
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    I'm going to school at Loyalist College in Belleville

    Can i just call the hospital here and ask ... ? Who do i take my resume to, if they do ?
  7. by   maeyken
    A lot of hospitals have websites, and from there you can usually find some contact information about employment. I'd suggest calling and seeing if they have any opportunities for nursing students. From there, you could get the info about where to send your resume. Good luck!

    ~ mae