how to become RN in hawaii?

  1. hi guys ill be graduating this coming march of 2008 with a degree of BSN here in manila,philippines and im just wondering how can i become a RN in the big island..what are the steps do i need to make? and what are the requirements needed? (ex. nclex, ilets etc)

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    Since you are classified as an international RN, you would have to submit a list of nursing courses from the PI.

    Once the state of Hawaii nursing board approves you then you will be allowed to take the NCLEX.

    On another note, jobs in hawaii is much harder to come by. It is especially hard for mainland or international nurses to acquire jobs let alone locals who graduated from local nursing schools.

    Oahu, is currently pumping out approxiamtely 250-300 nursing student every semester and this is on a continuous basis. The job market for nursing jobs are saturated with new graduates, eager and willing to do anything to get a job so hospitals have the upper hand.

    Fortunately, most hospitals are unionized so a decrease in salary for nurses will not happen. However, I predict an increase in patient to nurse ratio's and eliminating more LPN and nursing aid positions and forcing the RN's to carry increased responsibility; therefore creating an increase in the risk of patient safety.

    This is why, I have decided to move to California. However, I have done some research and in the Northern California region, bay area, there is also an influx of new graduates and nurses to relocate to the bay area sue to increased wages and a lower patient to nurses ratio.
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    thank you very much for the whats your thoughts about international nurse who will graduate this march 2008 ...whats the best place for newly graduate nurses.
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    Hawaii also requires the CES, that is a credentials eval that is done by CGFNS. Please also take the time to read up on the retrogression as you are directly affected by it.
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    Quote from mikes511
    thank you very much for the whats your thoughts about international nurse who will graduate this march 2008 ...whats the best place for newly graduate nurses.
    There is a real shortage of nurses in Arizona (Phoenix area) even with many nursing schools in the area. My experience as a new grad was excellent and we have ALWAYS had a shortage of nurses since I have been here (about 16 months now). Most of the hospitals hire new grads but in particular St. Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center located in downtown Phoenix does a lot of new grad hires even in speciality areas. That is where I work. We have a lot of Filipino's here also (mostly on night shift). They are also willing to help you with your immigration needs but at the moment with retrogression there is nothing they can do until that is solved. Not sure if they are willing to do I140 and then wait it out since it is unknown how long that will take. But you can contact them if you are interested. If you want more info PM me and I will put you in contact with a Human Resources contact.
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    Please be aware that you cannot start the licensing process or the CES process until you actually have a completed set of transcripts, and that with the number of applicants from your country that wish to work in the US, you are looking at about five years for a chance at a visa. It is definitely no longer a guarantee that if you pass the NCLEX-RN exam as well as find an employer, that you will be able to get a green card.

    Getting a license is a much easier thing to do, but it does not give one permission to work in the US; a visa is needed for that. And the petitioning process cannot even be started until you have passed the NCLEX exam, or the CGFNS exam for those that have written that exam, but it is no longer needed for most states.