How & Where to get nursing job shadowing experience in S. Australia ?

  1. Hello all,

    I will be migrating to South Australia on a 3-yr work permit (They call it skilled-regional sponsored visa-475).:spin:

    I am basically an IT person looking for a career change in Nursing. I am planning to look for jobs like "nurse aide" or "patient care assistant" where they do not necessary require a nursing degree. After working for approx 2 yrs, I'll be pursuing for a BSN

    Anyway, I ran into the so-called " job shadowing experience" in the Flinders Medical Center website(which seems attractive) but they replied by saying "Unfortunately Flinders Medical Centre is unable to facilitate a nursing job shadowing experience due to the overwhelming numbers of applicants of nursing students for clinical placements."

    My question is :
    1. Is it possible to get a "nursing job shadowing experience" job that doesn't require a degree? If so, where?
    2. If it is nearly impossible, would you advise me to be an enrolled nurse first? I searched for enrolled nurse diploma program at Flinders U, U of Adelaide and U of S. Australia, but they only offer Bachelor of Nursing. Did I miss out something? Do we have enrolled nurse program in S. Australia?

    I am still very new to S. Australia and the nursing program/jobs there. So, Any advice would be be much appreciated!

    Thanks, have a nice day!
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  3. by   gwenith
    I think you have misunderstood - "shadowing" someone is not a PAID job - it is way of people to get experience as a nurse while studying to be one.
  4. by   Scrubby
    tcyue-sounds like your looking for employment as a personal carer in a nursing home. It will give you experience in the basic skills required of a registered nurse. You need certificate 3 in aged care which you can do at TAFE SA or there are other training organisations.
  5. by   tcyue
    Thank you so much for the reply ! A "personal care" position is exactly I am looking for~~
    Wish you all have a great Xmas