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hello! i am taking my exam on august 15 in HK. i am looking for cheap hotels that is near the testing site. thanks GOD BLESS...... Read More

  1. by   devshop
    octopus card costs HK$150.

    50 is your deposit and the 100 is what you can spend. it is reloadable. you can refund the 50 when you leave HK plus the remaining unused amount in your card... just go to the MTR customer service. GOOD LUCK on your exam!
  2. by   loryn
    Quote from umagangbolera
    :spin:hi..ill be taking my exam on the 22nd in Hk & im billeted in empire hotel HK. for those who have been there, is that any way near grand plaza? thanks for the info about octopus card..ill surely get much is it? does it only cover MTRs?
    thanks for the replies..
    Your Hotel is located at Wan Chai area. I suggest that you find the nearest MTR station from your Hotel wherein the travel time via train would only take 5-10 min. which is 3 stations away to Shueng Wan, where the testing site is.

    I would still recommend that you buy specifically the "Airport Express Tourist Octopus" card instead of the ordinary octopus tickets (comes in 4 varieties). This card already entitles you unlimited MTR rides for 3 days plus round-trip ticked to the HK Aiport via the Airport Express Line. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

  3. by   loryn
    Quote from nxt777
    hi! has anybody tried i read it somewhere here in the forum. i checked it out and they do have cheap deals for airfare plus hotel. airfare is by pal. any feedback?
    pal is 30-40% more expensive compared to other airlines.

    i would suggest anyone traveling to hk to just book via cebu pacific's promos
    at least 2-3 mos. before departure to get the cheapest airfare, then just reserved online with your desired hotel that suits your budget.

  4. by   umagangbolera
    hello everyone..finished my exam in HK last 23rd. got my result..I PASS.. yeeehaww.. Thank God. God is really good..all the time.
    For those going to HKG for the 1st time, dont fret (of course, one cant help it ) but their MTR is sooo easy to follow & directions are well placed.
    I went there on my lonesome. My trip was covered by my agency( w. airport transfers). stayed at empire hotel HK which was 3 stations away from sheung wan- testing site. i grabbed a map at the airport & studied it intently. I didnt buy the octopus card as i thought i would..just bought my ticket at the queue at all. i enjoyed the whole experience of discoveries in HKG. btw, i was initially booked on economy flight via PAL but was upgraded to business with no added cost at all. So i thought, this might be a sign of good things to come. It was indeed.
    Empire hotel is clean & nice..although my room didnt have a good view but its close to two stations wanchai & admiralty plus electronic shops like in greenhills.
    Goodluck to the rest..
  5. by   p1nayrn
    Hi there I will be taking my NCLEX this August 17, 2007. Any Hostel recommendations? I figured it would be a lot cheaper than booking in a hotel. Please help me with my dilemma! Thanks!!!