Hiring Hospitals Bulletin!

  1. Since it's retrogression, many of us here are looking for nursing jobs after passing their exams and finalizing their papers and is only waiting for visas to be available again. But before we go broad and give our service to other countries lets just make this opportunity to offer our best service to our fellow Filipinos. By offering our service, we are also training ourselves to be confident in our future work abroad. We can do this by looking for work elsewhere here in the Philippines may it be private or public hospitals. I'm asking people to post which hospitals are hiring so that we can help each other especially those who are in need of work. Thank you very much for your support!
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  3. by   Tricia07
    Hi there khirbz i think this is a very good thread...

    Maybe we can also include hospitals who accepts volunteer nurses.
  4. by   veetoy
    in cebu, hospitals are constntly hiring coz the turnover rate of nurses is pretty fast.. from what i've observed, hospitals accept a batch of new nurse applicants every two to three months (average). i dont know of any hospitals in the city that accept volunteers, though.. but there are training courses. i know vsmmc conducts OR trainings for non-employees for 2-3 months.
  5. by   marslarks
    Hi guys.. im from the province of leyte (tacloban City), a new nurse..and my parents decided to send me to manila..I hope you guys can help me out what hospitals in manila accept volunteer work or trainings..thanks!