Hi everyone

  1. hi everyone

    my name is cheryl, i'm a 2nd year student nurse in liverpool, england.
    i'm hoping to move to australia as soon as i qualify. i'm thinking queensland. any information anyone has on nursing and living in oz would be welcome. i don't have much info on the wages or different nursing roles, so please help. love cheryl
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    and enjoy
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    I'm sure Gwenith, or another Queenslander will drop in here and advise you soon!
    Living in Australia? .......... Well, I'm biased but, it's truly the BEST place on this earth! Sadly, Sydney has become TOO BIG , TOO expensive, TOO overcrowded, but it's still a fabulous place. The other cities are much like any other major city in the world, it all depends on what you like and whether or not you want to live in a BIG major capital city, a smaller city, or, rural area. You might like the outback, it has it's own unique beauty.
    It would you serve you well to research the internet for more detailed information about Australia, and nursing in Australia. Basically, each state has it's own nursing board. You need to register with the board in the state you'll be living and working in. There are agencies in each state, some work in co-operation with agencies in other states, others work solely for the state in which they're located. We have two levels of nursing in Australia; Registered nurses and Enrolled nurses. Wages differ between public hospitals and private hospitals. Most hospitals pay shift penalty rates. Also weekend penalty rates and public holiday's. Though some employers are/have taken advantage of the new workplace laws and are changing the way in which they employ and pay their employees. You'd need to read up on those and find out about the wages and conditions of the place you'd intend to seek employment in.
    Hope this brief summary is of some help.
    Good luck!
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    PS: I just remembered............ there's a "sticky" at the top of the Australian Forum thread which you might find helpful.
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    thanx for your advice.
    what are the promotion opportunities like for nurses?? do you have prescribers and practitioners like uk?