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  1. I am an American trained nurse. I really want to work as a nurse in the UK but so far there have been so many road blocks. In September I was accepted by the NMC but I need to complete the ONP. I have registered with an agency who seems very confident that I will infact find a job due to my specialty. Since I have no job as of yet, I am reluctant to leave my job, apartment etc. I am planning on taking the ONP in March (you only have to be in a classroom the first week and then you return the last day to hand in your workbook) returning to NY, work whilst doing the ONP then return to London on the last day of the ONP to hand in the workbook. I have been getting some mixed info regarding whether you can or can't do this. The British embassy doesn't seem to mind but I've been told that the NMC might. Does anyone have advice regarding this or know someon who has taken the ONP etc.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Would suggest you contact NMC and ask them this as always better coming from the horses mouth. I do wonder how an agency can be confident at the moment in you getting a job as currently the NHS is suffering huge financial difficulties and nurses are being laid off and finding it hard to find a job, this also includes newly qualified nurses. Plus immigration has taken nurses off Schedule A and employers especially if banded 5-6 have to prove that they have tried to employ a nurse from the UK first then EU before they employ from elsewhere in the world. would give you a good idea on what jobs are available at the moment and to be honest there are not many. This is also a good website for current issues in the UK. Free to register.

    Good luck
  4. by   suzanne4
    Also remember that getting a license to practice is not the same thing as getting a visa that will permit you to work there. Unless you are in a specialty that has a true shortage, it is going to be impossible. Right now, jobs go first to UK nurses, then those from the European Union.........Americans are way down the line. By the time that the job gets approval from immigration, the job more than likely will not be there.

    Agencies cannot guarantee jobs, and they do not issue the work permit for you. Pleae be very careful with this.
  5. by   ak09
    Hi, just read your post and I agree with the others. I am currently in my second year of nursing school in Liverpool, UK. We have been told that by 2010 there will be a huge retirement in the NHS and thats when there will be a shortage of nurses again.
    35 qualified this year and only 10 got jobs, everyone else has been doing PRN work (and thats very few and far between) and the rest have gone back to their original jobs before training.

    sorry to burst the bubble but thats why I am on this site to talk to the girls from florida as I am not killing myself for 3 years to then work in a call centre (no offense)

    Ang x