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Hi! I am so confussed mom told me that I cant take the NCLEX exam if I dind take the local and pass it..Is this true? plz help me..coz I really dont know what to do now...I want to take The... Read More

  1. by   shikimurei
    ok.thank i have to take the NLE for the visa screen certificate then.but there are areas that does not need a visa screen certificate right?
  2. by   lawrence01
    Quote from shikimurei
    ok.thank i have to take the NLE for the visa screen certificate then.but there are areas that does not need a visa screen certificate right?
    Glad you asked that. No, it is not true. Don't believe that some States do not require it. I know who you mean who said it. Almost everything she says are inaccurate and even the very young immigration lawyer that was interviewed is wrong in saying that 20 States do not require the Visa Screen Certificate. Remember that she is not a nurse and none of the members of the BON has undergone immigration by being a nurse because if they were then they couldn't be members of the BON as they should be Filipino Citizens ONLY per law and US immigrants are not allowed to be outside the US for more than 6 mos. so we are sure that not one member knows how the immigration for nurses works.

    If you were able to watch the whole interview, Dante Ang was forced to officially call the US Embassy to refute that claim and of course the US Embassy said that the Visa Screen Certificate is needed by all because it is Federal since it is immigration we are talking about.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Many in the Philippines also get mixed up with the CGFNS Certificate versus the Visa Screen Certificate. They are two completely different things, the CGFNS Certificate is what you get when you pass the CGFNS exam and the basic English exam. And that has nothing to do with immigration, other than you have a choice of that or the NCLEX-RN exam to begin the immigration petitioning process.

    The VSC is required by all that wish to get a green card, or any type of visa now if you wish to work in the role of the nurse. Even if H1-B visas were available for nurses, you would actually have to have the VSC in hand before the petition couleven be submitted. This is a US immigration requirement, not a requirement of any state.

    Quite a few immigration attorneys actually get the two confused as well. Same way that I have seen a few, and very recently, tell nurses that CGFNS exam is still required for most states in the US. That is very old information that they never were updated on and they continue to give incorrent information out. Especially if they are familiar with the nursing rules and requirements.
  4. by   lawrence01
    Sorry, if I went direct to the point but she has been making decisions base on very inaccurate information and the nurses are the ones who suffers. Another one that she mentioned is that those who will just want the temporary work visas and not the green cards do not need the Visa Screen certificate.

    Again, the US Embassy in Manila (thru Mr. Dante Ang) refuted that claim by saying that the Visa Screen Certificate is needed both by Nurses and PTs whether it be for Immigration or just temporary work visas and work visas such as the H1C are not even popular as it is not recommended.

    Everyone should appreciate what Mr. Dante Ang has done and is still doing. He knows that he is not a nurse or an immigrant expert but he knows who to consult to that is why he is so successful so far.
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  5. by   suzanne4
    Any visa to work in the US in a nursing capacity requires the Visa Screen Certificate. Even that terrible H1-C requires that the VSC be submitted with the petition. And if any agency states otherwise, they are doing something illegal.

    There are no temporary work visas for the US other than the H1-C that is available only in about 14 hospitals in the entire US and there is no way that anyone would recommend them. In order for them to get that designation, it means that they are extremely short to a point of beign unsafe if they do not get any help. You are not finding any Americans to work there, that is why they are available. Safety should be the most important consideration to the nurse. And to add to that, if you do not like the facility, you only have x-number of days to get another H1-C facility to hire you or you will have to leave the US under order of USCIS. Not a good thing.

    There are no HJ1-B visas available or anything else, only the green card.

    Sorry, but if they want to believe that other website and what they are reading, that is their choice. And we will hear from them when they are back in Manila. Not sure what else to say about that. People are going to believe what they want to hear, and not when we are telling them what is really going on.
  6. by   shikimurei I get it. so that is really for the Visa then. I actually understand this coz I came from another country too... Thank you for clearing it up...
  7. by   praeclarus
    I stand corrected. Sorry for the incorrect info. :smiletea2::smiletea2:

    Thanks Suzanne and Lawrence.
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