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hi..... I received a letter from CGFNS.... what is the meaning of this...... "INACTIVITY CORRESPONDENCE -LICENSE: United States of America- Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners, Saipan -... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    They still need to receive documentation from the PRC as well. And you need to permit several weeks for the BRN to send in the application to them. They do not do that immediately either. All told it is going to usually be about four months before you will receive the VSC if you have not used any other service of CGFNS.

    Did you also verify with the courier that the envelope was delivered? Because something was sent by courier, does not mean that it always is received. And did you use something like Fderal Express, DHL, or UPS? Or one of the couriers that act only as a middleman and then pass the delivey onto another company in the US?
  2. by   PenoiRN
    I already confirmed it with the courier service, it's the US parcel service; I checked the tracking number of my mail and it said that is was already received. As with the PRC, I was told that they already sent it to CGFNS. No document was left unchecked by me.

    I am checking my online account everyday and still to no avail, only the IELTS was updated, the rest were still "waiting to be received" which was VERY DISAPPOINTING!! As with the BRN, I didn't yet call them up regarding my NCLEX passing result to be sent by them to CGFNS. BUT I STILL HAVE (little) FAITH WITH CGFNS-VISASCREEN. I will still give them another 2-3 weeks to either update my visascreen status or face my wrath!! *_*
  3. by   suzanne4
    PRC does not normally use courier service, just because they sent an e-mail letter does not mean that it was received at CGFNS. This is also holiday time so things are slower because of it, not just on the side of CGFNS, but for the entire mail system across the world.

    It normally takes four months to get the VSC, it is not done in just a few weeks, unless you have already used one of their services such as for the CES or the CVS and they already have everything on file for you.

    Not sure what the big rush is, there are no visas. And for each and every entry that is made to your on-line account, that just slows up the processing of documents for you and everyone else if you think about it. Documents do not get posted on their own.

    There is nothing on their website that states that things will be done by a certain time, and if one does not wait the expected time to get their certificate, then things are not going to help you or anyone else. They only have the one office and it covers the world, there are thousands of pieces of mail that they receive constantly.

    I would be much more patient, nothing with US immigration is going to move quickly either.
  4. by   PenoiRN
    My IELTS will expire soon, that's the big rush.
  5. by   suzanne4
    How soon? If you did not have four to five months at the minimum when you sent in the documents as well as application to CGFNS, chances are that you are going to need to sit for the exam again.

    All has to be current when the certificate is actually issued and that is usually about four months if you have not used any of their other services in the past. This is what I am trying to get clear to you.

    And the four months also goes from when they have everything in hand in most cases as well.
  6. by   PenoiRN
    Five months. But my IELTS result already went through.
  7. by   suzanne4
    I understand that it has gone thru and it has been recorded as being received. That is not the point, but the fact remains that the date must be current on it when the Certificate is actually issued, that is what I am trying to get you to understand. If not current then, the exams would need to be redone.

    If you have five months, then you should be fine, provided that they receive the documentation from the PRC. Many times that is the hold-up in the scheme of things.