help me with my review for the upcoming licensure exam

  1. hi guys! i need your help in order to make my review for my upcoming licensure exams. I am finding a hard time reviewing all my notes and reading volumes of nursing books as to prepare myself for the licensure exams that I'll be taking on November 2009.. Although I have at least 6 months more to go to study and be prepared, I still find difficulty on mastering it all. Do you guys know any techniques or study habits that I can apply with my review, something that is interesting and would ease the boredom, lazy and sleepy ambience whenevr I started on my notes.. I know I should take this seriously in order to have my license to practice as a nurse someday and I really wanted to become a skillful and knowledgeable nurse in the future and to be successful in the nursing profession. That's why Im a bit bothered now as I jumpstart my review.. Hope you can help me figure out things and make suggestions to make my review a bit more interesting and fun. Thanks.. Kudos!
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  3. by   ghillbert
    I started with Saunders review book and took the exam at the end of each chapter. If I got a good score, I skipped that chapter and went to the next. If I got a poor score, I reviewed that chapter and took the exam again.
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    Moved to the Philippine forum as I think you are talking about the NLE
  5. by   Taimanov
    just read and read and read... and read...
  6. by   griffon
    Hi tomcam,

    Congrats on passing nursing school. Now it's time to consolidate the last few years of tears, frustration and sacrificing sleep, for one last push to passing the NLE. I think you first have to decide what type of learning best describes you.

    Are you better listening to lecture after lecture and taking a big exam afterwords (pentagon review)? Or would you like to take a quiz/exam after each lecture section to shift your brain from listening to analyzing mode (Balita Review)? Or are you more an independent type who doesn't need a review school, since you are motivated enough to stick with a study plan (self study)?

    Either choice you choose I would eliminate any independent study groups. Because I've noticed most times these study groups becomes an excuse to party. Trust me there will be enough partying after you pass the exam. You need to prepare yourself for the hardships ahead. You will be mentally and physically exhausted after the 8 hours of review x5 days a week. Leave at least 2 days a week to workout and treat yourself to a movie or something fun.

    The Saunders is an excellent book to review med/surg and somewhat the pathophysiology. But the NLE also has US and Filipino theories, research, adult, OB, pediatric and geriatric care, ADPIE, community, IMCI, drugs, fundamentals and clinical procedures. I would add the Balita, Udan and baby Perry Potter book to the lineup and memorize the Handy Notes (med/surg, OB and fundamentals).

    When I took the NLE the scope of the exam was huge, but the analysis wasn't that deep compared to the NCLEX. The NLE will only be a hard/difficult exam to those who don't prepare for it properly. The feeling you never want is to fail the exam. You will end up blaming everyone; your school, your friends and eventually yourself for not studying hard enough. To live with this self-doubt for the next 6 months until the next exam in June 2010 is horrible. I saw it in my friends who didn't pass. You've gone this far in your education. It's now time to prove to everyone that those 4 long years weren't wasted. Good luck.
  7. by   +one
    try to remove all the distractions that you might have in your study area.
    also try to make a strict routine if you are going to self review. you need not to read tons of review materials as these may confuse you. rather review your college textbooks (the ones that are included in the nle). know the basics.
    practice on your test taking strategies.

    6 months is enough for you to top the board exam and you have no reason to fail. make a study plan as early as now.