Help Getting Licensed in Austrailia

  1. anyone here who knows how to there in oz, im a BSN graduate here in philippines, i dont have any license yet, just seeking to alloz nurses here to help or give me any tips on how to get there without getting my license here

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    hello, bice29,

    i moved your post that was buried deep within an off topic thread, to the international forum for a better response.

    good luck.
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    Check out the Aussie Forum here, it is a sub-category of the International Forum.

    It will have the information that you need. But if I remember corectly, they do require that you have a license in your country.
  5. by   lavalin
    Australia would require a license from the Philippines before they can properly evaluate you. Plus you might have to take a nurse bridging course. Its much more expensive to go to Australia as a Nurse because the Nurse Migrant Bridging Course alone is 6000 AUD for non PR in Sydney and the cost of tuition fee varies from state to state like NSW, Victoria and Tasmania or Western Australia.
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    Ah okay I saw your post in Australia forum, you gonna be in Brisbane, Queensland.

    Why dont you contact the Queensland Nursing Council and let them decide what would be the appropriate action on your case. Australia is a multicultural country and each applicant has her own special case. You got nothing to lose anyway just something to win. They might ask you to take the competency exam in Queensland or require you to have your licensed in the Philippines first.

    In case they waived the licensed requirement from your country of origin then they might ask you to take the Nursing Migrant Bridging Program for Overseas Qualified Nurse. The cost of the program is 6000 AUD for overseas nurses to be conducted 7 to 8 weeks in Sydney, I just dont know how much is it in Queensland. Better ask your mom to inquire with the proper authority (QNC). They will lead you to the right direction. How much? Which school? Length of training?
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    If youre objective is to go to Australia and work there, it would be cheaper to apply on SDAS Skilled Designated Area Sponsored or the Skilled Australian Sponsored Visa rather than doing the Migrant Bridging Program.

    You can be in Australia without acquiring a license first, you can do the licensure later on when you're already in Australia with your mom. You said your mom is in australia, right? then thats a big plus for you.

    You're mother is probably on the right path by asking you to take a student visa first in order to take the Migrant Bridging Program for Overseas Qualified Nurse and then later on convert your student visa to a permanent visa like STNI - State Territory Nominated Independent, Skilled Independent Regional, SDAS - Skilled Designated Area Sponsored, all of which are under the GSM General Skilled Migration.

    PM me if you need help.
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    Hi guys i already have my ielts and preparing my documents to be attached in my application form. But i am worried because my IELTS is like this: 7.5 Listening, 6.5 Reading, 6.5 Writing and 7 Speaking with total of 7. Do you think it would be alright if i have 6.5 in my Writing? thanks
    Too BAD... Its very expensive, cannot afford such money.:stone

    In Queensland they have this what they cal Program 1 : where there are two options for overseas nurses to choose from, they can take the CHALLENGE TEST which involves theoretical and clinical assessment test which cost AUS165 which is 6835.19 pesos and AUSD 475 which is 19, 676.886 pesos respectively.

    The other option under the Program 1 is ... if you failed this challenge test or wish not to take this test you may then have to go through a 4 module program which I dont know what is about specifically, but I know its about nursing of course... hehehe and each modules costs AUSD 850 which if converted to Philippine peso is 35, 201.869 :typing( well its up to you to multiply that to 4)

    Then the PROGRAM 2.. the cost of foe undertaking a pre-registration course will be based upon the discretion of the university. . But this program 2 it is a one semester full time program consisting of theory and 128 hours of clinical prctice. Unlike the Program 1 ... this one does not have a distance learning mode.

    Hayst...Its so hard ... if you want to be a nurse and like I always believed its really expensive... I was thinking of trying middle east at least I could have the chance to save money and fulfill my dreams in my dream LAND AUSTRALIA..................................... Or if someone out there willing to support me financially... HOW I WISH!!!!
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    Yup... its very expensive to be a nurse in australia but at least once you become an AuzRN then you start getting the Big Bucks.

    Here in the country where I am from, we have to pay for our post graduate trainings and even pay if we want to volunteer to get a post graduate experience. Thats quite expensive too and we do not get any monetary benefits in return.

    Most of the hospitals are freeze hiring.