1. hi anyone! help!!!! im at a lost, dont know where to start, what to do for me to chat with anyone?
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  3. by   xyacivx
    ive been scanning these forum for 2 hours now and still i cant figure out if anyone is here.. please let me know how i can start asking questions, i got lots of it but im not sure if anybody hears me... please... answer back
  4. by   sirI

    welcome to!

    you are asking questions. you are posting and we can see you. how may we assist you???
  5. by   xyacivx
    thank God someone's there! im a registered nurse from the philippines and im really confused on how i can process my application for licensure in New Mexico. do you think you can help me on this matter?
  6. by   sirI
    Hello again,

    No, I cannot, I am sorry, but the moderator for this forum, suzanne4, can. She will be around later and will address your question.
  7. by   xyacivx
    well ok, thanks anyway.. ill be back later..
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    check out the international forum and the sticky Primer to work in the USA. there is a lot of stuff regarding immigration to the US so have a good look around as I am sure plenty of questions you have will have already been answered.

    Welcome to the site
  9. by   dindog
    read first the "sticky" threads in the international ang philippine forums. i am sure most of the questions you might ask are answered there. welcome to all nurses.