Hello there...can someone help me to answer my questions?

  1. Hi, my name is Jean, & I am currently working in Melbourne, Australia as a registered nurse. I am interested in working in USA. I am not sure how to proceed this, I know that I have to pass NCLEX-Exam, but I haven't got experiences in 'Obstetric & Paediatrics', what do I need to do? Where I can receive these trainings in Melbourne? where I can get more information about working in USA as a nurse?
    That would be great helpful if someone can answer these questions.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you!
    Thanks a lot.

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    Welcome to Allnurses! I moved your post to the International Forum, where your question can best be addressed.
  4. by   suzanne4
    The US, as well as Canada, require that you have the training as a general nurse to be able to get licensed in either of the two countries.

    You will need to get clinical as well as theory time in both of the required areas before you will even be permitted to write the NCLEX exam. The exam is part of the licensing procedure and you must have permission from a state to be able to sit for the exam.

    You can try to see if you can enroll as a guest student at some of the approved nursing schools in your country, or complete the hours in a program in the US as a guest student. They must be done thru an approved school of nursing and appear on a transcript.

    Please read the Primer at the top of the International Forum for more information that will be helpful to you.
  5. by   augigi
    If you check the Australia forum, I posted in there about my experience (also from melbourne).

    Basically, apply to a state board first to see if you are eligible. If not, complete 2 units (4 modules total) from the Postgraduate Development Unit at Deakin University (only one in Melbourne I know of that meets US requirements). They cost several hundred (mine was 750, think it's now 950) dollars per module (Paeds and Ob/Gyn) and take 6 months each. You can do modules 1 and 2 simultaneously if desired. You then organize your own clinical hours at a facility near you. Monash permits this through Deakin.
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    Thanks a lot for the reply & it has given me lots of ideas!
  7. by   augigi
    You're welcome