hello everyone...im new here.

  1. hello there...Im new here n this site hoping to get information about philippine nursing course..I'd like to know which university is giving good training for nurses.Im a degree holder and presently working in the middle east.I have plans to go home and study again.Please help me in which university to enrol.Thank you.
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    hello and welcome

    Check out the Phillipine forum as I am sure there is a thread already on this subject
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    Welcome. Good luck to you in all that you do.
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    Quote from Tweety
    Welcome. Good luck to you in all that you do.
    Thank You,Tweety...I hope i'll get information here as well as friends..
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    Welcome my fellow nurse...
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    CHED(Commission on Higher Education) has the latest directory of the HEIs Higher Education Institutions) w/c includes program offerings, government permit/recognition nos., program duration and contact infos. NCR institutions are under Region 13.


    Most of the good universities don't have programs for 2nd-coursers, though.
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    Hi! I'm also new here and i find this site interesting and helpful for RNs and future RNs...