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  1. Hi everyone, newbie here! I hope it's okay that I started a new thread to say hi to everyone, and also to ask a few questions. I took the Nov 2008 board exams and am glad to say that I passed. I graduated two years ago though (never got the chance to take the board exams because I had to start working immediately after graduation -- actually, even while still finishing my last year of nursing school I was already working) to support my kid. I haven't been in touch with my old classmates and now I'm unsure what is the next step. I want to get nursing experience right away, but is it a requirement to get IVT training first? I could imagine that getting into hospitals as a paid nurse would be hard, so is it just being a volunteer at a hospital the next step? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I just don't know who to ask about these things anymore.

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  3. by   *EosinophiL*
    Hi mommyrina! Being a nurse here in the Phils. requires PATIENCE.. I suggest that you should start applying to various hospitals here in Manila.. Having an IVT license is an advantage, but some hospitals do not require any experience or trainings, you just have to pass their exams or interviews.. Applying in a hospital could take you 6 mos to years before they could actually hire you.. This includes long process of exams, interviews, etc.. I have a friend who waited 6 mos for him to be called by a certain hospital to do the initial nursing exam.. And after EACH step (e.g. initial nursing exam, psyche exam, initial interview, final interview), he waited 1 month for him to be called again for the next step.. Imagine the agony of waiting?.. I also suggest that while waiting for a call from the hospital where you plan to apply, have a volunteer work from any clinic or hospital near you.. Just not to waste your time waiting and also, to gain experience.. You can also attend several trainings and seminars (e.g. IVT, BLS, ACLS). In this way, you can further your nursing knowledge and have an advantage over the other applicants.. Having trainings and seminars printed on your resume could also be a a plus factor for you.. That's what I did even while waiting for the results of the board exam during my time..

    Hope this helps.. God bless on your nursing career!
  4. by   mommyrina
    Hi Eosinophil, thank you so much for your reply! And, love your name, btw! I do plan to do a lot of volunteer work; to be honest I am doing online work on the side with continuing my online business but of course I plan to further my nursing career as well and I know that's only through getting experience.

    I live in Quezon City, is it a common practice to drop by the nursing department/station of a hospital and ask if they welcome volunteers? What is ACLS training, btw? I hope you don't mind me asking back.

    Thank you!
  5. by   *EosinophiL*
    Yes, you can drop by the nursing office to inquire regarding volunteer works.. Another thing, there are several hospitals that offer clinical trainings, but with fee ofcourse.. Here are some of the hospitals that I know:
    1. Lung Center of the Philippines- 3 mos trainings: 5k
    2. National Kidney Transplant Institute (NKTI)- 4 mos: 7k
    3. Makati Medical Center- 3 mos: 10k

    But there is no guarantee that they will hire you.. I have friends who have undergone training in Lung Center and NKTI.. According to them, only the top 10 best performing trainees are the only ones who are absorbed by the hospital.. Only certificates are given to those who did not belong to the said list..

    ACLS- Advanced Cardiac Life Support.. It includes the use of equipments and medicines (e.g. defibrillator, ecg monitor, epinephrine, atrophine, etc.) in order to prolong life of a patient during emergency situations.. Philippine Heart Center offers ACLS courses, but BLS training and Basic ECG and Arrhythmia Recognition training are the pre-requisites before you could enroll yourself in that program.. I have undergone those trainings too, and believe me, you will learn a lot from ECG and ACLS trainings.. The ECG training is 2 days while the ACLS is 3 days..

    For other questions, feel free to post them here..
  6. by   messageinabox
    There will be an orientation of volunteer/trainee at QCGH on May 28. Bring your resume and the usual requirements this April for their review.
  7. by   mommyrina
    Your replies are very much appreciated! I really do not mind the trainings at first, I would be happy enough to get into a training program even without the assurity of being hired. The experience for me is a great first step, and will be thankful for that when it comes. Here's hoping!