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  1. Has anyone here heard about mercan recruitment here in the Philippines? Ive checked their website and it seems that they're hiring nurses to be LPN's in Canada. Is this possible/legal??
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Are you a LPN or RN in the Philippines?

    It is possible to go the LPN route in Canada but I believe you need a local license and the Philippines doesn't have one for LPN. If you are RN then why are you looking for PN when all you have to do is meet RN requirements. Which ever way you go you will need to meet college requirements for IEN, English exams or French (depending on college), Employer and work/immigration requirements
  4. by   callenRN1507
    I see, well if that is the case should I go and register for CARNA assesment to be eligible for a temporary work permit or do I need to have an employer first?
  5. by   Fiona59
    Do a search. Mercan did send some nurses to Capital Health. Turns out their BScN only worked out an Alberta educated LPN. They were required to write the licensing exam in order to work.

    It was a one time deal, done mainly to safe face for Capital Health who invested a lot of money in this failed project.

    Alberta Health Services (which absorbed Capital Health) has a hiring freeze right now. Which is leaving many of the nurses from the Phillipines wondering if they will even be able to complete their contracts.