Getting Visa Screen For Us

  1. Has anyone here had experience with obtaining visa screen.....can you tell me how long it took and how much money? Any tips on getting through the process efficiently?
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  3. by   gnetsky
    Just got my visa screen certificate last week. It took 6 months for the process. All my requirements were complete since mid July but they never got to receive my Validation in BC. I have to send 3 times until finally I told them to send it by courier which cost extra money but its worth it considering the time wasted. All my requirements were in by Nov. 2. It cost US$395 for the fee then you have to pay for the validation of your license. If you require IELTS another Cdn$240.00. I think I spent approx. Cdn$800.00. If you don't want to waste time you must send all your documents by register mail or courier as ICHP is very poor in updating your status in the website. I requested my NCLEX result from Ca and ICHP notified me by e-mail that they received on July 27/06 but they did not update my status even after how many e-mails. Finally, I called them and the agent told me that they did not receive it but after barking with her she finally found it and promised me to update my status. 2 weeks after still no update in the website so I call again and the agent told me again that they don't have it. In short, this people are losing documents the only thing you can check wether they received it is if you registered your mail. Goodluck.
  4. by   illecob
    thanks gnetsky......what is IELTS?
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  6. by   batasMTR_RN
    in my case, i found it to be efficient... i passed all the documents ahead... and paid everything...

    i also suggest you guys to use mail that can be traced... so the CGFNS people will not have any reason to tell you that they did not accept the documents
  7. by   mgpatel_ca
    Hi allnurses registered members,

    I am a Canadian Nurse (basically international nurse) and I cleared my NCLEX exam last week. Now I am in phase 2 - ielts exam. Can any international nurse share their experience of ielts? Currently I am in Georgia - City of Atlanta at one of my friend's house for short term vacation. Can anyone suggest me - from where can i start for my ielts exam? What resources are useful to take me on the success path? Can anyone provide me any english training centres available in atlanta where I can get little bit training on exam preparation?

    I hope someone can make me happy with their responses.

    Thank You,

    P. M.
  8. by   RADONC-RN
    I had a horrible experience with the CGFNS losting my papers too. They lost my certificate too three times. Very very frustrating. I never had to do the English exam because I took my training in BC.Canada. All of my training was in English.
  9. by   gnetsky
    Funny I received my visa screen a month ago. ICHP still notifying me after that, that they received my validation of license from BC (2X). These were the lost copies sent 6 months ago!!!
  10. by   RNGrad2006
    I understand all of your frustration. It is a long painful process. I am Canadian and even though I went to school in the US I still had to go through the Visascreen process. To ensure my US education matches a US education. My process seemed to be a bit quicker since I didn't have to do language testing as well I could do NCLEX right after graduation but I have heard it is usually about 4-6 months. Good luck.