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Ok, like Bex suggested, I'm starting a "get to know you" thread here! Here goes.... My name's Maeyken (sounds kinda like Meaghan, but not really). I'm finishing up my 2nd year of a 4yr BScN at... Read More

  1. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Greetings to my fellow Canucks! I'm Jan, older-than-springtime-but-younger-than-dirt, PICU nurse in Edmonton for the last eight months, PICU nurse in Winnipeg for five years before that ... Married to a man in uniform, mom to three young adults and looking forward to grandchildren someday (but not TOO soon!:wink2: since none of them are in a relationship right now!). Itching to get out into the garden and start growing stuff, but have an uphill fight ahead of me, since the previous owners let the yard go to weeds once we gave them our money!

    Glad to be in such good company here at Allnurses...
  2. by   Sarah, RNBScN

    I am a proud Canadian from Ontario. I have been nursing for 10 years. I have been fortunate to work in different areas of nursing (Industrial, Community (VON), hospital (OBS/Gyne, ER, OR, and PACU), and public health. Working part time has been good for me since I don't require benefits (my husband). I like the flexibility of part time and variety of working in different units.

    I grad. 93 from a Diploma program. Went back in 96 for BScN. from Laurentian and continued to work. ???? thinking about a Masters but haven't had much luck searching the Web for an on line or distance Masters program.

    Happily married, have 1 child (tween) and 3 animals (2 cats, 1 dog).

    Love to read. Plan to renovate my kitchen.

    Enjoy other things too...already to lengthy

    Have a great day.
  3. by   toronto rn
    Hello from Toronto, I'm just on the other side of 40 and have been nursing for 16 years. I've been working in a medical intensive care unit for the past 15 years and prior to that did telemetry. Life before nursing I was a childcare worker, working with autistic kids. (definitely the hardest job in the world)
    I couldn't see working as a childcare worker for the rest of my career so I went back to school for nursing and have never looked back. I'ts a profession I truely enjoy!
    I started working towards a bachelor of nursing degree a year and a half ago- currently taking statistics and wondering if I will pass it. The brain cells are a little rusty in the math department, any hints will be gladly accepted.
    Between work, kids, cats and dogs my home is crowded and my life is busy....but I still have time to enjoy camping and skiing.
    Always great to touch base with other nurses too..especially those from our great country.
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  4. by   Gailsimpson
    Hi everybody. I am a British nurse but I am hoping to start work in Toronto in the next few months - I am waiting for my work permit to come through.

    I am currently a sister in PACU in the largest teaching hospital in Europe. Prior to that I worked in ICU but had to leave when the hours didn't fit in with my childcare !!!

    I have been offered a med/surg ICU job so am having to brush up on my knowledge, we get quite a lot of ventilated patients in PACU so I'm not totally rusty. I am also having to study for the Canadian RN exam, I have been qualified 15 years so haven't tackled some of the subjects for a long time - must admit I am having a bit of a struggle with psych and obstetrics!!

    I am married with 2 girls aged 10 and 7 - they are excited about moving. Don't know where we are going to be living yet, I need to be downtown for 07.30 so any suggestions would be gratefully received - public transport seems ok during the week but the sundays look a bit difficult. We can't decide whether it will be better to live downtown and then I could walk to work, or if it would be better to live further out and commute. My husband doesn't know what he is going to do yet - he will have to be a househusband at first. He is currently a tanker driver but would need to take all his licences again if he wanted to drive in Canada.

    Nevertheless we are very excited, it will be very interesting to see the differences between nursing in England and Canada.

  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Welcome Gail and best of luck with your CNATS. They really aren't that bad.

  6. by   Lys
    good afternoon all!

    i thought i would stop by and intro myself as well, i haven't been too active on here lately, but now that school is a little lighter (ha!) i may have more time!

    i'm lori, just finishing year 2 of 4 with mcmaster, but i'm doing my courses at the conestoga college site...long story for those of you who don't know it, we're bscn students, but are forced to spend 4 years in a college with kids who don't know where the library is! *lol*

    evidently maeyken, we are classmates! *lol* but since i only get to mac to use the library, we obviously haven't met yet!

    in the *extremely little* spare time i get, i work a lot, read, cross-stitch, play on the net, go out with friends, and chill out with my fishies :-) though, i feel guilty doing all of these things because in my program, we could research 24/7 and never be done! *sigh* but it's great, i love this program, i love everything so far :-)!!

    right now i'm working for 4 more weeks on a surgical's been interesting thus far. hopefully doing pediatrics, maternal-newborn, inpatient psychiatry next year...2 of...or something totally different, depends on what the powers that be decide for me ;-)

    i'd love to hear from the rest of you who are around *i can hear you breathing!! heehee* and meet some more interesting folks!


    lori...lys, whatever.


    "many times i much there is to know" - led zeppelin, over the hills and far away
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