1. Anyone familiar with working as a nurse in Germany? What do you have to do?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Can you be more specific? Are you already a nurse in another country? Or wanting to begin training?
  4. by   Fiona59
    Hi, judging by your name your hubby's an MP and you've accompanied him.

    Are you looking for work on the base hospital or on the German economy?

    If its the latter you would need to be fluent in German and manage to pass their registration requirements. I used have a German friend who was a nurse. She never worked when posted to the UK but worked in the Krankenhaus. All I remember is she trained in a hospital and worked nights.

    Enjoy your time over there, its a beautiful country.
  5. by   MPwifey
    Germany is beautiful! Actually I know the requirements for working at the military hospitals... they are the same as in the states. We just PCS'd here 3 months ago so I guess I was curious about the reqirements for working at the German hospitals. That helps! Thanks
  6. by   suzanne4
    Your first issue would be getting permission to work there, if not on the base. You will also have to pass their licensing exam if you are working on a military base, which means fluent German.

    But your biggest issue will be the license as an will need to check with specifics on that one with the base. They usually only use corpsmen or RNs.

    Good luck.
  7. by   sonja81
    hey MPwifey,

    I'm a German nurse.
    I don't know about the procedure for foreign nurses here, but I know, that you need to know the german language, and take all the three tests all German nurses had/have to take.
    best would be you would request informations from the Gesundheitsamt (Department of health) from the city you want to work in.
    Than you would have to check how to obtain a working permit.
    As an American I don't think you should have a lot of problems but I don't know about you LPN license vs. the German registered nurse license (examinierte Krankenschwester).

    How is work as a RN in Germany? Different!
    You definetly do more hands-on stuff than in the US
    You need to know how to therapeuticaly wash, move and tough a patient.
    Work also differs from unit to unit.

    sorry that I'm not realy as helpful as I would like to be
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  8. by   napoca
    [ I am from Germany. I can tell you that you have to pass a practice test,and a written test. And is not so hard like the NCLEX in US. The work in the hospital will be hard for you. They have not enough stuff, so you have to take care sometime of 14 patient, at the weekend is the worst.
    The country is very nice, but the weather.... a little cold.
    It's a big difference between the work here and there! There you have to work moooore...(phisically), but you have more vacation (if you are my age, you'll have 30 days plus weekend), and a lot of official holidays ( about 11).
    I hope I could suggest you an ideea.
  9. by   luvltc
    Hola! My ancestors are from Germany. It is supposed to be really cool, but some make inappropriate jokes about the country. Well, good luck on being or to be a nurse!

  10. by   napoca
    [ I can immagine that there are some joks about germans !. But if you live there
    and know the mentality, you will love to be there to. You know, every country has some different things. You just have to pick up the best from all.
    I love the joks and humor anyway!!!
  11. by   napoca
    You can get more info from REGIERUNGSPRESIDIUM . They have isued my nursing licence and my diplom. They also were in the examination team.
    They will give you requested info.