from CGFNS concerning the June NLE exam

  1. Philadelphia, PA- October 26, 2006-The Board of Trustees of the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools met October 22-23,2006 and considered whether Philippines nurses who have passed the PRC June 2006 nursing licensing exam are eligible for VisaScreen Certification.
    The Board directed its staff ans counsel to review and assess whether the licensure process will be followed in light of the challenged results of the June 2006 exam is "comparable" with that required for nurses licensed in America, as required by U.S. law. CGFNS WILL THEN MAKE a final determination of whether passers of the JUNE 2006 exam are eligible for visascreen certification. CGFNS expects to reach a final decision on question of comparability THE NEAR FUTURE. ANY VisaScreen applications that CGFNS receives from JUNE 2006 passers will be accepted BUT DEFFERED for a final decision until this assessment process is complete. IF the assess concludes that the license ISOT COMPARABLE, the VisaScreen application from a June 2006 WILL be DENIED.
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  3. by   phrixie
    Hi Suzanne!

    Im one of the June 2006 board passers (self review, mind you hehe) who is unfortunate to be included in this problem.

    What do they mean by "comparable with that required for nurses licensed in America"? Do they mean the process of taking the exam itself, the security of exam questions, etc? Please enlighten me with this one if you have any idea.

    I'm getting frustrated more and more with what's happening that i plan to retake the NLE on June 2007. If i do so and have a lower rating than the previous one, which rating will prevail and what will happen to my original rating if i fail the retake?

    Please, anyone... especially those who have gone through the same experience... Any input willbe of great help.

    Thanks in advance...
  4. by   lawrence01
    Any re-takes will mean that you will agree to waive the original rating. That's how it is done. Remember, this option was offered and that was the condition given. Only a handful chose to re-take in Dec. and I'm sure they've passed the Dec. 2006 boards if they passed the June 2006 boards.

    Comparable to US standards would mean what the US would have done when the same situation was presented to them.

    We can expect CGFNS to announce their final decision on their website w/in this month or so.
  5. by   batasMTR_RN
    COMPARABLE, means the standards used by the USA is also the more or less the same stardards being used inthe Philippines... that is the meaning of comparable... hope this helps
  6. by   eivan
    However, the government did not subsidize the retaking of the exam. That is to say, the retakers will again spend money. Unfortunate to those that are cash-strapped. I opt to take the exam again this June. I did not want to risk (again) this december.

    How sad!

    As for Phrixie, our predicament is the same. I also did not join any review center on the belief that review centers should not be a panacea for not studying during the college years. It is however, quite possibly a place to gain confidence.
  7. by   lawrence01
    Actually, in fairness to the Gov't .... they did offer that they will subsidize it if it were a grand re-take. The Senate was willing to give a budget for it if you could remember. But since the grand re-take was flatly rejected by PRC and the nurses themselves and the CA made a decision as well then no more subsidy is needed of course.
  8. by   ricph
    I passed the June 2006 NLE. After the leakage scandal broke out, I became concerned about our prospects of being employed in the US.

    I read Suzanne's, Lawrence's and others' advice for those interested to work in the US, to retake the exam. After reading and listening to the arguments for, and against, retaking the exam, I made a stand and chose to retake the exam.

    My decision was further affirmed by the CGFNS' announcement that they are deferring applications, and may decide to deny, Visa Screen certificates to applicants who passed the June 2006 NLE.

    I went to the PRC to tell them I intend to retake the exam, they said I could do so provided that I waive my passing score.

    So I wrote a waiver, they accepted it and gave me permission to take the December 2006 NLE.

    I reviewed on my own at home. I intentionlly avoided review centers.

    I took the entire exam, Tests 1 to 5, and passed.

    Problem solved. No more discrimination from hospitals. No more fear of not being given a Visa Screen certificate.
  9. by   eivan
    Good for you. I on the other hand would like to take the board this coming June.
  10. by   kiko88
    perhaps this little info may be somewhat related to the discussion:

    a june 2006 nle passer recently received his cgfns ces report. it states, among others, that his prc nurse license/registration is comparable to the registration of a 1st level general registered nurse in the us.
  11. by   lawrence01
    With due respect.. I think it's not the same. It was pretty clear that they will accept applications for Visa Screen but will defer until they make a final decision.

    People will just have to wait for their official announcement.

    CGFNS/ICHP is currently the sole company that the US Gov't permits to conduct the Visa Screening and this is not just for nurses but for PT's and other HC Professions as well. There has been talks before that the Gov't intends to let another body do Visa Screening for certain HC Professions so that there would be competition or the very least lessen the burden to ICHP.

    If you would notice, ICHP is arguably the most reliable service that CGFNS gives. You will always hear applicants getting their Visa Screen Certificates ahead of their CGFNS Certificates and CES reports even though they may have applied for the latter two way ahead of the Visa Screen Certification.
    It may also be the reason why issuing the Visa Screen Certificate once completed is sent via courier.

    CGFNS/ICHP is taking their time deliberating the matter because their reputation may be on the line. It would be a disaster for their reputation and on their business if they they don't satisfy certain sectors. This is foremost a business, after all and they currently monopolize it. If people aren't satisfied, the talks about letting another body do Visa Screening may re-surface again.
  12. by   suzanne4
    Quote from kiko88
    perhaps this little info may be somewhat related to the discussion:

    a june 2006 nle passer recently received his cgfns ces report. it states, among others, that his prc nurse license/registration is comparable to the registration of a 1st level general registered nurse in the us.

    ces is only a credentials evaluarion, it is not the vsc which is required by us immigration before they will grant a green card, that is what is not being issued.
  13. by   pink_20
    I just hope that CGFNS will issue the batch june 2006 the visascreen certificate.
  14. by   batasMTR_RN
    I AM PRETTY SURE THEY ICHP will decide on our favor.. issuance of CES may be the start ...... GOODLUCK TO EVERYONE