Fire Update?

  1. Hey folks, how are the fires doing down there? They have fallen off the news Stateside...Hope they are getting under control....and all your fireys are home safe and sound
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  3. by   RN from OZ
    NO fires burning that I know of at the moment !
    We are actually having some rain in NSW and on the central coast where I am....this is much needed as we are all on water restrictions up here !
  4. by   renerian
    I would love to send any of you some snow. We got a snowstorm Friday and we now have almost 20 inches on the ground plus another 5 from a previous storm. Roads are shut down and over 150,000 people without power in southern OHio.

  5. by   Grace Oz
    Saw the snow on the TV news... UNREAL!! You certainly CAN send some to us here "Down Under".
    The fires seem to have abated for the most part, thank God for that. So much devastation & heartache, homes & lives lost.Hospitals were put to the test in coping with the influx of pts. All reports are they coped admirably. CONGRATULATIONS to all our colleagues who were in the thick of it!
  6. by   Tookie
    Just an update on the ongoing fires that are still happening in East Victoria. There have been a number of small outbreaks in some towns but they are mostly under control now. However - the wonderful alpine / snow field areas continue to burn and smolder - we still have many Volunteers who continue to try and prevent further large outbreaks.

    The thought seems that the fire itself will not be extinguished finally until real rain comes. - Haven't seen rain in ages - The affect this has had is that many small businesses and farmers have been decimated - as the area affected is so large that a number of tourist towns expect it will take years to recover. What is equally sad for me is the number of native animals that this has affected - Heard a story on the radio yesterday of a Koala that died next to a water hole - The State government is trying to put money into the areas - lets hope it helps.

    We have been really fortunate that we have not lost lives - 20 years ago here in Australia we had the 'Ash Wednesday Fires" when over 80 people died in South Australia and Victoria - So this in a way shows even though the fires continues and we are still in a smoke haze here we have learnt a lot and manage our fires better than we did. BTW _ we still have the fire fighters from NZ and US.

  7. by   renerian
    Those fires have got to be terrifying........

  8. by   Tookie
    Left work at 5.30pm
    Noticed there was a lot of smoke over the north east - (my area) then noticed a helitanker with its long water tube thingie ----
    Turned on the radio in the car - talkig about a fire break out in our area - hills behind our house - slight panic - a few swear words- then thought hang about someone would have rung me any way
    nearby within a less than a k (1 mile) 60 heactres (approx 90 acrs - not sure there) lost in fire - had 2 helitankers and a fire tanker helicopter (dont ask me the difference - just thank God for them) _

    Amyway Got over the panis came home hugged the dog and go on with life and continue to breathe the smoke ---- sorry dont mean to sound down - am now cause we have a great CFA -and services

    Please pray for ran for us here in the bottom half of Auz
  9. by   frannybee

    Tookie, I hope you're all okay down there. We went through this to a lesser extent the week before I left Oz and it's bleeding scary. Don't take any chances, mate - look after your family and your dog. If you are in ANY doubt, get the hell out and take your photos with you. We're thinking of you up here in the freezing UK.