Finnish/EU Nursing Grad to US Licensure

  1. Hi.

    I am graduating from nursing school in Finland this December and wanted to know if anyone has had a recent similiar experience and what to expect when applying for licensure? A little background, my degree is in General Nursing, taught in English, is 3 1/2 years long, and I am a US citizen (so no need for GC or visa).

    There seems to be some information on the web that suggests that I would need to work two years before applying for US licensure but I can't seem to find this on any of the state BON websites. What little I can find about the curriculum requirements for foriegn educated nurses seems equivalent to my education.

    I know that there has been some posts on this subject but none that recent and it seems that licensure for foriegn nurses has become more difficult.

    Also a possible timeline for processing a licensing application (from graduation to licensure)? I would be aplplying for licensure in New York or Vermont but would be open to applying in other states if it would make the process more expedient. I am thinking of applying to a Psych NP grad program for the following Fall as I have a background in social work (the deadline would be in May).

    Any thoughts or advice would be most welcome.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I think only a couple states require some experience if endorsing, Texas was one that used to be talked about but that was a few years ago. Generally I do not think there is any rule. Would suggest applying to the state you plan on doing your psych course, New York requires cvs where most others require CES report. Cvs isn't transferable CES is
  4. by   SpidersWeb
    I'm a Finnish RN with a Finnish BSN and I applied with the Colorado BON. I don't think I needed the work experience for licensure but I'm with a recruitment company that wanted me to have at least 1 year of experience at the beginning of my process.

    In my case it took a couple of months to get the CES report from CGFNS, and another a month to receive authorization to test from the BON. I decided to sit for the NCLEX a month after ATT and I got my license the next day (Colorado is efficient!).

    I think the Finnish BSN is comprehensive and very much equivalent if not more competitive than American BSNs, and I didn't have any issues with credentials evaluation. I don't think you need to be worried.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

    I'm traveling to the US in a couple of weeks.
  5. by   NurseeDeeva
    Good luck with the move to USA, i am a UK trained nurse i would like to know if you had any issues with hours in OB and Peads?

    Thank you
  6. by   SpidersWeb
    Quote from NurseeDeeva
    Good luck with the move to USA, i am a UK trained nurse i would like to know if you had any issues with hours in OB and Peads?

    Thank you

    I didn't have any issues with those hours. From what I know, in the UK you specialize early on but in Finland we have general degrees, so this difference plays a role.
  7. by   espaghet
    Hi SpidersWeb,
    How do you like nursing in Colorado? Do you know how many theory and clinical hours you had in obstetrics and pediatrics from your Finnish BSN? Did CGFNS give you your CES report to see how your degree was evaluated?