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Hello fellow aussies, as our colleagues in the USA do it,on their forums - I am.... I pppaasssedddd. I am now just about officially a RN Div 1. Wow!!! Officially finish end of this semester 14... Read More

  1. by   Evie
    congratulations on finishing joh

    i am in my last year - finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! going into my 5th year of full-time study.. i want out! but there's not long to go.. i am going on prac at the end of next week thank goodness so at least i won't be at uni
  2. by   Torachan
    lucky duck. I'm almost halfway. Nice to know that there is an end to the rubbish at uni (what a joke)
  3. by   Farkinott
    Congratulations Ceridwyn!!
    I am sure that you wil only be daunted for a wee moment when you start work as an RN! As an EN for many years before "doing the degree" I found actual work a helluva lot easier as I didn't have to chase anyone to do the pill and IV Abs for me. This also meant I did not give disjointed care to my allocated patients as I didn't need to "trade" jobs which I wasn't legally allowed to do!
    Personally I reckon old ENs make great new RNs cos we have now proved we really want to be there!
    I shall now have a long cool beverage in your honour!