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hi there, assuming you take BSN in manila and will be fortunate enough to pass the IELTS, NCLEX etc. would it be easier to find a job in California? I mean to pass the exam, travel to the US... Read More

  1. by   Daly City RN
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    When I started my U.S. nursing career back in 1981 I worked with an older Filipina RN, who has retired and gone back to the Philippines by the way, who came to the U.S. as a nurse in the 1960's and lucky for her there was still reciprocity between the U.S. and the Philippines. That meant when she arrived here in the U.S. bearing her Philippine nursing license she was issued a U.S. nursing license without ever having to take the U.S. nursing state board exams, as there were called back then.

    Back when I was a new RN, there were still many Filipino RN's working in U.S. hospitals who obtained their licenses through reciprocity. Now, no one hear the word "reciprocity" any longer. The vast majority of those Filipino RN's have already retired, or sadly, have gone to the other life.

    Yesterday, September 17th., 2008, I worked my last shift in the SF Bay Area hospital where I worked for the past 27 1/2 years. I will rest for a couple of months or so, although I already got two job offers to work in two separate acute care hospitals here in the SF Bay Area. The lifetime pension at age (almost) 52 is well deserved in my humble opinion. I plan to work as a part-time RN till I'm 62.

    I will be visiting my ailing mother in the Philippines in October 2008. I will also do some sightseeing in Metro Manila and sample the Filipino cuisine. I will keep an eye to any good real estate property that could be a comfortable retirement abode for me and my dear wife of 30 years.

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  2. by   brianna08
    Hi rookie rn, thanks! dont know how to pm you but ill be waiting for it. i sure felt what you've written. have a nice day everyone!
  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    Dale City RN

    Enjoy your retirement! You worked hard for it! Enjoy your travels.

  4. by   suzanne4
    Since it is not currrently possible to adjust status in the US from a tourist visa, this thread is being closed.

    It does not matter what was done in the past, or who did what when, but the issue remains that the US has been under a retrogression since October, 2006 and therefore one cannot remain in the US. There was a little snaffu last summer but you can be sure that this will not happen again as more than 800,000 are awaiting visas from that.

    Please be aware that for every citizen that came to the US on a tourist visa and stayed, it is making it that much harder for anyone to get a tourist visa to come to the US for even a short trip. These things are actually watched very closely by both countries.

    Does not matter which country that the nurse is from either, the fact is that there are no visas available. The H1-B visas are being investigated by the US government as we speak and the H1-C is only available for 14 hospitals out of the entire US and not all of them are sponsoring at this time. They only permit a total of 500 at any one time in the US under this visa and that is not per year. This visa is also set to expire in 2010 as well and we do not expect it to be renewed at this time.

    Anything else having to do with immigration issues needs to go to the International Forum as well.

    Thanks for your understanding on this.